Why WhatsApp Web is the most annoying update ever

Avatar Written by Rizwan Anwer · 2 min read>

WhatsApp Web launched only a few days ago and became a roaring success. While this is the first time that the famous mobile messaging app has made the bold transition from Mobile to Desktop (sort of), it seems that it still has a ways to go before being able to compete against competitors like Viber, Telegram and Hangouts.

Yes, the a fore mentioned apps have dedicated desktop apps for Windows, Mac and Linux, but WhatsApp Web still has much to be desired. We hope that these changes are implemented in the future updates to Web or a dedicated desktop app.

1. Severing the Ball and Chain


Yes, WhatsApp Web is a blessing in disguise and allows us to communicate using Google Chrome, but when we have to keep the phone tethered to the desktop, it feels pointless. Viber was able to do this and the app does VoIP too, WhatApp should find a way to make the tether a login procedure for new browsers but not a staple.

I applaud WhatsApp on the ingenious method of logging in using the QR code as opposed to sending a verification code by SMS, but the QR code saves us the trouble of waiting for an SMS that might never come due to signal issues.

2. The connection is sometimes shaky

whatsapp-1 (2)
Viber and Hangouts give me solid connectivity but there are times, where even with an above average connection, WhatsApp Web will be unable to connect with my phone that is only centimeters away from my laptop and I have to do a hard refresh on my laptop to fix the issue (maybe.)

This happens to me several times during my hour of usage and at times it does become annoying. I understand that WhatsApp Web is still experimental, but I hope that this issue is addressed soon.

Additionally, when I do a lot of texting (sometimes at 88 mi/h) I seem to completely shake the connection between my phone and Chrome and see the small clock icon on my messages until I refresh. WhatsApp probably didn’t take into account the lightning fast fingers of texters when testing this app.

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3. Google Chrome Being the Only Portal

whatsapp-2 (1)
For reasons unbeknownst to me, the developer has chosen to make WhatsApp Web exclusive to Chrome. While I am accustomed to using Chrome as my primary browser and didn’t give this a second thought, what about the people who use FireFox, Opera, Safari and even Internet Explorer? (yes. there are people who still use IE)

WhatsApp Web is indeed a great concept but the restriction to Chrome is simply unfair to those who don’t consider the browser as their first preference.

4. Sharing Media is now a double edged sword.

whatsapp-5 (1)
In case you missed it, You can allow WhatsApp Web to use your laptop’s camera to take pictures. I got excited with this and shared pictures of me goofing off at home and office, until I saw that the media I am sharing with friends and vice versa is accumulating in my phone gallery.

I understand that this again falls under #1 but this is again something that many people don’t realize. This is indeed a blessing and a curse. Yes, I would like select pictures to be in my gallery but when my friend spams me the same picture to irritate me and creates clones in my gallery, that’s where I draw the line.

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5. The Material Look Becomes Missed.

whatsapp-3 (2)
As I have mentioned time and again. I have modestly low cost phone. As such, Android 5.0 is a far cry for me. When I see the rich, material look implemented into WhatsApp Web. It is a world I don’t want to leave and when I go back to my phone, I feel sad and lonely without the material design.

You slowly become attached to the fluid movements, the circular icons and the interactive options before you. This spoils me and makes me want to go STAY on WhatsApp Web so that you can maximize your WhatsApp web functionality. If only WhatsApp could push the material design update on the non Android 5.0 users, that would really help fill the void.

These are my quick thoughts on my experience thus far with WhatsApp Web. Do you agree with them? Disagree? want to add your own input? leave a comment and let me know what you think!