5 Windows 10 Fall Creators Update features no one is talking about

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Windows 10 Fall Creators update is just a couple of months away and it is coming with a lot of new features. There are some features in the new update which are lesser-known and no one is talking about them. Here are 5 of the lesser known Windows 10 Fall Creators update.

1. Shape Writing Keyboard

Shape Writing Keyboard
Shape Writing keyboard is a smaller, more beautiful on screen keyboard. Unlike the traditional Windows on screen keyboard, the Shape Writing keyboard supports swipe to type just like the keyboard on Android and iOS devices. The keyboard becomes a lot smaller in swipe mode to make it easier for users to swipe.

2. New Favourites In Microsoft Edge


Although not many people are using the Edge browser but Microsoft continues to add new features to its default browser. The new update will improve the ‘favourites’ in Microsoft Edge. Your favourite websites will now be sorted into categories and folders and you can manage them the way you want.

3. Find My Pen

Find My Pen
The Fall update will include a new feature which will tell you the last time and place you used your pen. So if you are a pen user and lose your pen easily, this is going to be a very useful feature for you. This feature does not tell you the live location of your pen, it just tells you where you last used your pen.

4. New Video Playback Options

Video Playback Windows update
The new update will include some interesting video playback options. Users can now enable HDR for video playback if their monitor supports it. There’s also an option to optimize battery life during video playback. Moreover, it now also allows you to play videos at a lower resolution and automatically enhances the videos.

5. Improved Windows Update

Windows Update Fall Creators Update

Windows Update section also introduces some new options which will give you more control on how you update your PC. The new Windows Update lets you limit the bandwidth Windows uses to update itself in the background. You can also limit that amount of data Windows Update uses to deliver updates to other PCs.

These were few of the many new features coming in the new Fall Creators update. Which update is your favorite?

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