World’s First Intelligent Web Development Tool Is Here

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Ex Google Employee, Creator of Grid Style Sheets and the author of Create.js has launched an artificially intelligent web developer, The Grid, after three years of development and research. The Grid promises you, ‘AI websites that design themselves’.

The Grid claims to be not just another DIY website builder but it offers you the power of artificial intelligence for customized solutions that fit your requirements and evolve with your needs. It promises to offer a new inexpensive alternate to individuals and businesses to have their own design space without being restricted to design by following the conventional templates and paying exorbitant fee for the solutions that currently exist. The website promises following features:

  • Collect and incorporate images from anywhere around the internet, be it a browser or a mobile resource.
  • Create a responsive web design in just three minutes through the analysis of content!
  • Use facial and feature-detection to automatically crop images around your subject.
  • Automate color schemes and detect optimal text position over images while using content-aware feature that detects high and low contrasts.
  • Post content through a single source to multiple websites.
  • Use your smartphone or tablet to build an entire website.
  • Automated A/B testing.
  • Have access to your data through Github.


The company is currently utilizing their pre-ordering campaign to crowd fund the production and thus plans on releasing the tool by spring of 2015. The fee is 96$ for a year and you get to be one of the founding members once you pre-order your copy. The Grid’s website is a stunning piece of design, taking care of the aesthetics while presenting its features in a beautiful manner making it hard to resist the temptation of pre-ordering.

The release of The Grid is also surrounded by some criticism and speculations too. Some of them are especially targeted at their pre-order campaign. While some of the developers believe that an idea of working without templates is absurd, others believe that it is just another stepping stone for responsive web design that produces layouts that adapt to their content and context. However, one cannot already form a set of opinions prior to the release of such a promising product that aims on bringing a revolution in the field of web development.

Written by Asra Rizwan
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