World’s magnetic navigation system to go for an urgent update

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Quite recently, the scientists have reported that the earth’s magnetic field has started moving faster than they had expected, forcing them to make immediate changes to maps.

The earth’s magnetic pole has started moving away quicker than expected from where it was previously located, surprising the scientists. During the last year alone, the north pole shifted by 55 KMs, which is about 3 times the value in the 1990s. On January 30th, the World Magnetic Model has called for an urgent update to the magnetic model being followed for navigation around the globe.

According to many of the recent reports, the north pole has started to shift towards Siberia from Canada. In the early 2000s, the scientists noted that the shifting rate was somewhere around 40 KMs a year. On the basis of that data, a magnetic model of the world was generated which was updated back in 2014. The navigational model was expected to last at least until the 2020s but the scientists got reports that it may have to be changed on an urgent basis as it has crossed the acceptable limits for diversion.

The magnetic poles as generated on earth’s planet are produced because of electric currents produced by the ions in earth’s molten core. These magnetic poles are one of the chief reasons which have made life possible on the planet.

News Via RT, Image — Sperry Marine

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