Yahoo messenger is shutting down and nostalgia is hitting all 90s kids

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June 12, 2018
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Growing up in the glorious days of dial up connection where all it took us was merely 20 Rs to get an internet card and enter the world of internet. The days when it was considered cool to be at an internet cafe and surf the web aimlessly. The latter has not much changed for today.

As Yahoo messenger is shutting down on July 17, here are five most awesome memories of Yahoo that will make nostalgia hit you hard and kids these days will never understand:

1. Talking to strangers was totally cool and then asking them for ASL was the next step!


image source

2. And the awesome Yahoo ids we all proudly possessed!


3. When someone took long to reply we used to BUZZ them and the entire window used to vibrate!

buzz yahoo

image source

4. And the super awesome emojis for almost every single action or expression! Yahoo introduced them way before it became mainstream!

buzz yahoo

image source

5. And how all of us could actually set themes of our conversation windows known as IMvironments!

yahoo imvironment best
image source

6. Yahoo Chat rooms where we could talk to everyone in a combined window. Man was it fun!

chatrooms yahoo

image source

7. And when you had nothing else to do!

yahoo_doodle_2 (1)

image source

And what are your favorite memories about Yahoo messenger, let us know!

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