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You Will Soon Be Able to Zoom into YouTube Videos

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
YouTube new makeover; pinch to zoom feature
Apart from getting many new unique features, YouTube has also received an exciting new makeover and an even ‘darker’ dark mode

Love using YouTube in the dark mode? If yes, then we got some great news for you. YouTube just recently announced the release of a new and improved dark mode. Alongside the dark mode, the video sharing application has also introduced an ambient Mode and an overhaul for YouTube Music.

So What’s new with the dark mode? Well, it is even darker now, which allows color to pop out thus giving users a more immersive video streaming experience. If you notice the current YouTube dark theme, it would look more towards gray, thus the newer and blacker theme will also help save mobile and laptop batteries.

Now let’s move onto the ambient mode, which is a mode that aims at making the video experience even more immersive. The ambient mode will tint the status bar on your phone, while also tinting the video title box. This increased color blending would force the eyes towards the actual video.

According to details, the ambient mode will be available on both web and smartphones. However, the ambient mode can only be turned on once the dark theme is enabled.

Another small change in visuals will be that of the subscribe button. For starters, the subscribe button will no longer be red and placed inside compact pill shaped boxes. This little change is aimed at making people notice the subscribe button easily.

YouTube visual makeover

Upon the first look, these changes won’t even be noticeable to most users, but things such as a darker background and a tinted title does have a subconscious affect on the brain. These visual updates will go down as one of the best ones that YouTube has had in a while.

Apart from all these visual updates, YouTube is also bringing in a bunch of long awaited updates. The most groundbreaking one of which is the ability to zoom into videos, let’s agree we have all wanted to do that at least once in our life.

Adding onto the list, YouTube is making the seek bar a lot more advanced. Now you can easily drag up the seek bar and get a number of different thumbnails from different timestamps of the video, making it easier to go to a certain part of the video.

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