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Google Establishes High-Tech School At Israeli University

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Alphabet Inc’s Google (GOOGLE.O) has planned to open a high-tech school at Israeli University in collaboration with Israel’s Reichman University. On Monday, University announced the establishment of a school to train high-tech professionals. The school will offer multiple courses in the discipline of technology.

Undoubtedly, Isreal has a high-tech thriving industry, but due to the lack of skilled tech workers, multiple positions has left unfilled. The University aims to provide financial aid to students who will come from underprivileged areas. It may include women, members of the ultra-Orthodox community, Arabs, Ethiopians, persons from the Geo-social periphery, and people from different socioeconomic groups.

Additionally, the step to open a university will surely help to boost the technology sector in Israel. However, the variety of views, opinions and perspectives strengthens Israeli High-Tech and its developments, stated Barak Regev, general director of Google Israel. The company has decided to invest 25 million dollars in Israel in the Israeli Job Market.

Google High-Tech Israel University

The collaboration will help to produce skillful people. Who will help to make innovations in Israel in the world of technology. The University announced that it would start the courses the next week, and the students who complete them will receive credit towards a degree. Google has taken the initiative and planned to provide scholarships to deserving candidates.

Google Campus in Tel Aviv and the Reichman University in the Israeli city of Herzliya will offer various courses in the field of technology. The courses include programming, software testing, business development, sales and data analysis. However, with time, University will introduce more courses in the related field. The University has planned to establish a separate, fully equipped department to facilitate the students.

According to the statistics, about 15% of Israel’s economic activity is in the technology sector. However, at the same time, hundreds of new businesses are established per year. According to the Israeli IT review, Israeli tech companies raised nearly $10 billion in investments in the first half of 2022.

On the other hand, Google so far has invested around 15 million in the course. According to professor Uriel Reichman of Reichman University, the step is to attract students from underrepresented groups in Israeli society. And provide non-academic training in technology subjects. We aim to train 2,000 people in technology and see them employed in the high-tech sector.

He said that we want to give people a chance to study and acquire the necessary information to assimilate into the sector as a university that supports entrepreneurship. Although the graduates will not earn an academic degree, they will have practical knowledge.

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