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YouTube has been unblocked in Pakistan – by mistake

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Youtube Unblocked In Pakistan

YouTube has been unblocked in Pakistan as confirmed from several users who have been able to access the website without using any proxy. It is still not clear whether the government has unblocked the website or it happened due to carelessness of Internet Service Providers. According to our sources, there was a major fault in PTCL Internet cables which were repaired but as a result of it, all the blocked websites became activated in the country.

According to  ValueWalk, Pakistan has found a way to filter out blasphemous video content while making Youtube accessible to its citizens. Previously, one of the reasons given for prolonged YouTube blockage was that it was impossible to block offensive video content since no such tools or software were available.

The unblocking of YouTube compelled Pakistani users to turn to social media and express their joyful sentiments. Most of these people were accessing YouTube through proxies and some of them had lost all hope, turning to alternative video sharing sites instead. After years of getting frustrated with frequent Internet disconnection, they can now follow, like, comment and share their favorite channel videos from their own accounts.

It is unclear whether Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has lifted the ban permanently or not. During the past few years, PTA has played with the sentiments of Pakistanis by unblocking YouTube for short interval of time.

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Written by Sarwat Fatima
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