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3 new monetization options launched by YouTube

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YouTube is adding new options for content creators to make money from the video streaming platform. While various of these options have already been integrated with popular social media platforms, it will lessen the troubles YouTubers have been facing to monetize their videos.

Here is a list of three new monetization features introduced by YouTube’s Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan at VidCon, an annual conference for online video makers.

1 – Channel Membership

The first feature is a $4.99 Channel Membership that will allow users to pay for exclusive content on a channel. The content can range from live streams to extra videos, emojis to special badges, depending on the offerings of the channel. This feature can be the most beneficial for original content creators and vloggers. The feature will be available for Channels with over 100,000 followers.

2 – Merchandise Shelf

This feature will allow users to sell their merchandise underneath every video. Before this feature, YouTubers would link their e-stores in the description of every video. Now, they will have a section on their channel where they can display merchandise with prices and pictures of each item.

Earlier this year, Instagram also introduced something similiar, allowing users to shop directly on the platform instead of being redirected to a storefront via a link.

3 – Premieres

The third feature will enable YouTubers to upload pre-recorded videos in a live stream with a public landing page. They can also interact with the fans as the video goes live. Users can also pay to YouTubers to have their comments pinned to the top of the stream for each upload.

These new monetization options have been introduced after YouTube has garnered a severe backlash for the change in its monetization policies. A lot of YouTubers started complaining that their videos were being demonetized despite not containing any controversial content. Amidst this backlash, YouTube HQ was attacked by a woman who believed the video streaming platform was ruining her channel by keeping her from earning money. She allegedly killed herself.

The new monetization options will not only enable content creators to earn money from their hard work but also help YouTube retain them while Instagram launches a competitive product long-form video platform, IGTV.

Written by Asra Rizwan
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