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YouTube to give $100 million to the most popular creators on “Shorts”, its answer to TikTok 

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“The Shorts Fund is just the first step in our journey to build a long-term monetization model for Shorts on YouTube,” YouTube said in a blog post. It also added that the fund would be launched in the coming months.

The fund is a part of Google-owned YouTube’s endeavour to grow its user and creator base for Shorts, the company’s answer to TikTok like platforms. YouTube is the latest to use a designated creator fund to lure influencers to its mobile platform.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai said that Shorts is getting 6.5 billion daily views globally. YouTube launched Shorts to all U.S. users earlier this month, after launching in beta at the year’s beginning.

According to the blog post, anyone can participate in the fund by creating “unique” Shorts that “delight the YouTube community,”  YouTube has said that it’ll approach thousands of creators who receive the most engagement and views every month while also urging them to share feedback on the platform.

Source: CNBC
Written by Ahsan Zafeer
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