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Zynn a short video app is emerging as a new TikTok rival to enter into the market

Written by Naima Rabbie ·  56 sec read >

China has come up with yet another short video app after TikTok. The app is known as Zynn and according to the users, it is a better competitor of TikTok. The app is trending in the US App Store charts

Zynn the app has a lot of similarities with TikTok in terms of interface and features. Following are the features of Zynn app:

    • Discover the amazing short-form videos
    • Create a fancy 15-second video with a massive music library, cool stickers, and funny effects
    • Share wonderful moments too Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
    • Connect to like-minded people from the globe, embrace your community

The main question to ask is why is Zynn gaining so much attention if it is just like TikTok?

Every time a user watches a video on the app, they are rewarded with some amount of money. Rewards are also given when a user invites other people on the app. The funds are then utilized in-app purchases. Users can also purchase a gift card for Walmart, Amazon, and app stores via the earned funds. Funds are transferable to PayPal as per the Zynn spokesperson. However, the users are required to attain the limitations before drawing out the money from PayPal

The Zynn users have sworn to make a great deal of money using the platform because it is easier to use than other social media platforms in terms of monetization. Zynn the app is funded by Kuaishou a potent rival of Douyin which is the Chinese alter of TikTok. Kuaishou is also a rival of ByteDance the parent company which owns TikTok