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10 Super Spanish Startups To Look Into 2023

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Spain is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s hotspots for fresh and creative innovation. Spain is developing quickly in almost every field, from tourist attractions to regular residents.

In the last few years, Spain has developed its name in the technology field; therefore, tech innovation and its entrepreneurial spirit are reaching record levels in Spain. These innovations are attracting people from all over the world to come and establish their businesses in Spain.

On the other hand, the Spanish government is also very welcoming to support startup culture. Last year in 2022, Spain introduced the startup law, helping international startups settle into Spanish life.

Amazingly, 2022 was an incredible year for Spanish startups and entrepreneurs.

Over€3.3 a billion was invested over the year. Spain is home to EU startups and people, and the government is proud of hosting the EU startup summit this year on April 20-21in Barcelona.

Spanish Startup

Here we are bringing a list of the top 10 startups you can start in Spain.


Madrid-based Samara aims to help household transition to a more sustainable energy model. The Company provides various solar energy solutions, including batteries, panels, and chargers. By adopting these innovative technologies, consumers can save up to 70% on their electricity bills while contributing to a cleaner environment.

Samara was established in 2022 and, up till now, has secured €6.5 million in VC funding.


It is an e-commerce business with a cash flow management platform. Through the fintech solution, e-commerce players can quickly and effectively manage their cost border payments and secure flexible funding. The Madrid company is constantly growing and thriving.


Ukio offers fully furnished apartments for stays as short as a month. It eliminated the challenges of finding a rental, such as security deposits, long-term contracts, broker fees, etc.

Ukio operates in different European countries, including Lisbon, Madrid, Berlin, and Paris Founded in 2020. Ukio has raised $39.5 million with a series.


This innovative, revolutionary construction through technology creates intelligent, high-quality, healthy, and sustainable buildings. The Company’s mission is to accelerate the transition to sustainable development. The Company aims to provide cheap, shorter execution and better reliability. The Spanish Company, founded in 2022, has raised €35 million.


It is a venture of solid-state lithium batteries for electric vehicles, renewable energy, heavy transport, and electronic devices. The Company’s technology enables the widespread use of energy storage, electric transportation, and portable devices. It offers higher efficiency, longer life, and less wear and tear when charging. Basquevolt aims to develop sustainable battery material and cells. Up till now, the Company has raised €30.3 million in funding.


VIVLA offers an innovative approach to second home ownership. Through the Company’s optimized legal and tax structure, VIVLA allows people to own fractional shares of unique second homes. The Madrid-based team has raised $30 million.

Good news:

The good news is a dynamic community that prioritizes positivity and good health. The Company always tries to provide high-quality coffee. The Company’s mission is to start each day with innovative ideas and energy for coffee enthusiasts.

The good news was founded in 2020 and has raised €15.7 million in funding.


Divilo provides innovative payment solutions to boost business sales. The Company is regulated by the Bank of Spain and is a principal member of Visa. The Company aims to simplify sales transactions for customers. The startup was founded in 2020 at €6.3 million.


A startup founded in 2021 is a mobile Web app solution for dine-in. They are integrated with point of sales (POS) systems which enable restaurant customers to self-checkout in seconds from their handsets. The Company has raised €1.4 million towards the end of 2022.

Query layer:

The Company aims to empower businesses to become “Good Data Brands.” It leverages automatic workflow and privacy. The platform helps business to build customer loyalty based on the transparent use of personal data

The platform enables customers to onboard cross-functional teams and offers APIs and an engineering toolkit to connect existing tools.

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