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Mercedes Benz Partners up With Google: Adding Maps and YouTube in its Vehicles

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  48 sec read >
Mercedes Benz Google Partnership
Mercedes deal with Google comes off as an attempt of the German car manufacturer’s to compete with Tesla

German car manufacturer Mercedes Benz revealed that they have partnered up with Google, and will soon include Google navigation tools and even YouTube in their vehicles.

This announcement comes at a time, where Mercedes is actively trying to compete with Tesla, who has risen to become an industry leader when it comes to software powered features such as vehicle performance and self driving etc.

Talking about its collaboration with Google, Mercedes said that it would allow them to include premium navigation features, which can tell users about traffic conditions and rerouting options etc.

Apart from the amazing navigation, the partnership will also allow Mercedes Benz owners to watch YouTube in their car’s entertainment system. It’s important to note the fact that this feature can only be used when the car is parked or is running at a Level 3 autonomous driving mode, which is the premium self driving mode on the Mercedes.

Apart from Mercedes many other car manufacturers are also seen collaborating with Google. Companies such as Renault, Nissan and Ford, all have a Google services package in their vehicles, which gives users access to applications such as Maps and Google assistant.


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