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25 Android Games you should download

Written by Nooh Kazi ·  9 min read >

Android gaming has been evolving since the advent of android. Today, we have 1 million + apps available on play store, many of which are games. The fact is, Android is itself evolving as a gaming platform. There are games of almost every genre available on Play Store. The game library on Android is so vast that we even see devices now, which are only dedicated to android gaming, like Nvidia S.H.E.I.LD, Archos Game Pad 2, OUYA Console, MadCatz M.O.J.O Console, etc.

However, it’s not that easy to find good titles always, so here we’ll be covering 25 fantastic Android games you can play on Android. Some will be paid, others will be free. Some will require solid hardware while others will run smoothly on even low end devices. Without further ado check out this list.

1- Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 is a racing game, and the latest installment in the Asphalt series, designed by Gameloft. If you are fond cars, then this game is must have on your device. With 47 licensed cars, 9 different tracks, and a total of 180 events, this game is king of racing genre on Android. The word Airborne implies for defying the laws of gravity in the game, and really does it, when one perform stunts while racing through, it’ll feel like the laws of gravity aren’t applicable on the cars in the game, and most of the time the cars float in the air. The visuals are awesome, there are 4 different visual settings for different devices, and the game looks good even on low end devices, combined with awesome music, this game is marvelous.

Download here:

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2- Riptide GP 2

Riptide GP2

Riptide GP 2 is a racing game, but it’s unlike any other racing game, instead of racing with cars, you race with hydro jets and on water surface. Designed by Vector Unit, this game offers eye popping visual experience, and can push even the most high end devices to their limits; however you can lower the visual settings for smoother game play on low end devices. You have a number tracks to race through, the tracks look highly futuristic. There are number of options to upgrade and customize your hydro jets and your player. In the game, you have to perform different tricks to earn boost and make your way up to first position, and player learns different skills as you advance through the game.

Download here:

3- Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 - The Official Game

Iron Man 3, as the name implies, is based on movie Iron Man 3. Designed by Gameloft, this game puts you in boots of the protagonist Tony Stark, and his suits too.18 different suits are available in the game to build and use. As you progress through the game, you’ll be collecting resources to upgrade to new suits. Different missions keep appearing from time to time, which you are required to accomplish, to progress, and are of course related to Iron Man’s story. The levels of game are situated in 3 different cities, Malibu Shores, New York City and China. Different bosses appear from time to time, for whom you get high rewards when you defeat them.

Download here:

4- Six Guns


Six Guns is an open world game on Android. Designed by Gameloft, this game lets you explore the Wild West world, set in Arizona and Oregon. The game features 9 different horses, 19 different weapons with wide customization options for the player itself. The world in this game is full of evil, and you are particularly playing a good guy where most of the time you help people and execute justice, by taking out robbers and thieves, and helping the innocent when they need. However, you also come to encounter some super natural beings as well, like vampires and other evils. So, if you are a fond of west world, or just want to visit it any way, give this game a try.

Download here:

5- Angry Birds Space:

Angry Birds Space

By now, almost every smartphone user must be familiar with the name, Angry Birds, for its wide availability on almost every platform. Angry Birds space takes the game into the Space, the story is the same, the pigs have stolen the eggs of birds and now they are going to get them back, fighting the pigs. As the game takes the fight in the space now, there are 200 different, visually attractive levels of play. The laws of physics are applicable here, in the space as well, and you’ll be having different birds with different powers to take the pigs out. This game requires skills and you’ll have to throw your birds strategically to take out the pigs, making your way through different obstacles.

Download here:

6- Angry Birds Star Wars II:

Angry Birds Star Wars II Free

Angry Birds Star Wars II is the latest installment in the series. What makes this game different from other versions is that there are 30+ characters to play, also, for the very first time, you can join the Pork side, and play the characters of pigs and take out the birds instead. So, if you have ever wanted to fight the birds instead, here’s your chance to do that.

Download here:

7- Reaper:


Reaper is an RPG game, designed by Hexage. It’s a fantastic looking, gesture based game which puts you in the boots of a pale swords man. He moves throughout the game and fights different monsters and soldiers, sometimes he also encounters some super natural beings as well. The music in the game is soothing and the animation look fabulous in the beautifully designed world of the game. This one is a must play game.

Download here:

8- Temple run 2:

Temple Run 2

Many of you must be familiar with the name Temple Run. Temple run 2 is the next installment in the series. This one includes wide improvements, particularly in graphics and environment. There is a new setting in this game, high in sky. New obstacles and now each character has some different power with them. This fantastic looking arcade game should keep busy for hours for it’s never ending run.


Download here:

9- Temple run Oz:

Temple Run: Oz

Temple Run Oz is the latest installment in the series, puts you in the boots of Oz, character form the movie Oz the Great and Powerful. The environments of the game are inspired by the movie it self and there are 4 different cities in the game to play through. This game provides an extensive temple run experience, with many new features and awesome graphics. If you are a fan of temple or like this type of games, this one is a must play.


Download here:

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10- Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted

By now, almost everyone must know about Need for Speed, as the franchise is now almost 19 years old. Need for Speed Most Wanted is the latest installment in the series on Android. This street racing game sports jaw dropping graphics. With up to 40 different cars available, this game provides an extensive Need for Speed experience on mobile. You got to drive strategically to take out cops and out run your rivals while maintain high speeds through tight corners. If you are car racing fan, then this game is a must have.

Download here:

12- N.O.V.A 3:

N.O.V.A. 3 - Near Orbit...

N.O.V.A 3 is a survival shooter game for Android. Designed by Gameloft, this game provides an immersive visual experience on Android; the graphics are mind blowing, close to console quality. The game puts you in boots of protagonist Kal Wardin, who has returned to earth after its destruction and invasion by Alien forces, and now Kal fights back in an attempt to restore humanity. If you are a fan of Science fiction and shooting games, then this one is for you.

Download here:

13- Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour:

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

The Modern Combat Series is more like Call of Duty series for Android. Modern Combat 4 is the latest installment in the series which brings console quality graphics on Android. The theme is the same, it’s a warfare game, where war rages out throughout the world and you take the battlefield and fight. The game includes many locations of the real word. The story of the games goes around different countries throughout the world, from Antarctica to Barcelona to be exact. If you are a fan of Warfare games or want an immersive console quality gaming experience on your device, then this is the one for it.

Download here:

14- Cut The Rope:

Cut the Rope FULL FREE

Cut the Rope is cute game, where you have to feed a cute little monster with candy. The game requires skill full cutting of the rope so that the candy may approach Om Nom (cute little monster). The game makes use of laws of physics throughout its levels and one has to cut the ropes strategically. There are about 375 levels of skill full play available in the game.


Download here:

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15- GTA Vice City:

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Remember, 10 years ago, the game you used to be crazy about? Well, now that game is here, available on your Android device, with controls and graphics, optimized for Android, this game puts you back in the world of 80’s, where you struggle to rise up in criminal empire. If you ever wanted the charm of open world of Vice City on your mobile device, then here it is.


Download here:

16- Candy Crush Saga:

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is an addictive puzzle type game for Android, where you have to match identical candies in a certain order to score and level up. There are limited number of moves in each level where you have to score a certain amount in order to pass the level. The visuals are nice and smooth as well, this game should keep you busy for hours.


Download here:

17- Despicable Me : Minion Rush

Despicable Me

Despicable Me: Minion Rush is based on Movies Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. Designed by Gameloft, this game allows you to play as Minions, as seen in the 2 movies. There are different locations and environments in game, full of surprises and villains. There is a wide variety of Minion Characters to play as well as different power ups to purchase in game. This game should entertain you well during your free time.


Download here:

18- Dead Trigger:


Dead Trigger is a Zombie apocalypse shooter game. Designed by Madfinger Games, this game provides an immersive First person shooter experience on your device. The visuals are stunning, even on low end devices. There is a wide variety of weapons available as well and continuous waves zombies requires the player to act wisely under limited ammunition. If you want some zombie action on your device, then this one is for you.


Download here:

19- CSR Racing:

CSR Racing

CSR racing is an amazing drag race game available for Android. The game features stunning visuals, with awesome surroundings and great car reflections and details. There is huge number of cars available in the game, which player can buy to drag race. New tiers of cars unlock as you progress through the career, defeating many expert AI drivers, the story of the game is itself interesting. Again, if you are a racing fan, than this is the game you can have for free.

Download here:

20- Wild Blood:

Wild Blood

Wild Blood is something different, it’s the only game based on Unreal Engine on Android (The great engine behind Infinity Blade series for iOS). Designed by Gameloft, this game is set in a fantasy world, where player takes the protagonist Lancelot, a Knight, who fights with demons and other beings from Hell, to save his love and other innocent people from further destruction. So, if you want some fantasy action and stunning visual experience on your handheld, then this is the game for you.

Download here:

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21- Shadowgun:


Shadowgun is a Science Fiction 3rd Person Shooter game for Android. Designed by Madfinger games, this game is set in future, in year 2350. You play the role of Protagonist John Slade who is a mercenary and is assigned to take out Dr. Edgar Simon, who is a scientist and has his own army of mutants. The visuals are stunning, and on par with those of consoles. This is the game for Sci Fi lovers.


Download here:

22- Subway Surf:

Subway Surfers

Subway Surf is yet another endless runner arcade game, where you run around the subways throughout different cities of world, being chased by a policeman and his dog, for spraying on walls of subway. There is a wide variety of characters and customization features, and the visuals of this game are nice as well. It’s a nice game to play when you are being overwhelmingly bored.

Download here:

23- Flow free: Bridges

Flow Free: Bridges

Flow free: Bridges is a puzzle game, where you are required to connect same colored pipes to fill the board and progress. The game might not look interesting, but once you play, you realize you are addicted to it, with over 800 levels of puzzle; this game should polish your skills unlike anything else.


Download here:

24- Osmos HD

Osmos HD

Osmos HD is yet another type of arcade game, but it’s unlike anything else. Here you get a mote (small particle) whose purpose is to absorb other motes to grow and progress, in order to propel your mote; you must eject matter from it, causing to shrink, so you got to propel your mote in the right direction to absorb other particles. Beware of anti particles, when your mote comes in contact with them, they absorb it causing it to diminish and the game is over. The visuals and music are soothing as well as immersive. This addicting game is just for about anyone.

Download here:

25- Vector


Vector is another arcade style runner game, where the player has makes his way out of the system which bounds people and ruins independence, but the player takes a chance and breaks the rule and frees himself running away, making his way through different obstacles and performing different tricks. There are different levels of play, where player has to cover some distance and while evading a man chasing him, who primary target is to capture him and bring him back. The environments of the games are nice and it’s quite entertaining too.

Download here:

26- Into the dead:

Into the Dead

Into the dead is an endless runner zombie apocalypse game, where the player makes a run in fields, full of zombies. There are different weapons available in the game to fight zombies, but preliminary mission is to run as long as you can without being caught. The game is set in a dark world, the visuals are fine, and the game entertains well, keeping you busy throughout.


Download here:

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