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3 impressive features of the new OnePlus 7T

Written by Abdul Raffay ·  1 min read >
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3 impressive features of the new OnePlus 7t

OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone company is known for producing flagship phones with affordable costs when compared to their competitors.

OnePlus recently unveiled a new version of the OnePlus7 series smartphones, the OnePlus 7t. This phone lies in the middle of OnePlus7 and OnePlus7 Pro. The new OnePlus7t is a few millimeters taller than its predecessor OnePlus7 and just a tiny bit shorter than the OnePlus7 pro.

Usually the OnePlus T series are known for introducing some minor tweaks and spec boosts, but the OnePlus7t appears to have been completely redesigned.

Here are 3 impressive features of the new OnePlus7t:


Although the screen isn’t as sharp as that of the OnePlus7 Pro’s, everything appears to clean sharp and clear on the panel with FHD+ resolution. The colors and contrasts are another strong point. the new OnePlus 7t is also designed to be a little warmer when it comes to the display than the 7 Pro.

You can choose from the DCI-P3, as well as the sRGB and AMOLED Wide Gamut for watching videos. All these color specs bring out exceptional quality for watching videos.

90 Hz Refresh rate:

For people who have gotten accustomed to the high frequency refresh rates of the OnePlus7 Pro will appreciate this device even more. Why? Because it comes with a screen display of 90 Hz that is a seamless and smooth experience. Although, not mandatory for a smartphone as demonstrated by the iPhone 11 and Note 10 Plus, the OnePlus7t does provide a user experience unlike any other, with smoother scrolling and animations.

Another good news is that all future OnePlus smart phones will come with a 90 Hz refresh rate as confirmed by the
OnePlus co-founder, Carl Pei on 26th September 2019.


Along with the brilliant refresh rate, OnePlus7t is also top notch in the performance domain. It doesn’t come in multiple versions. It comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. 8GB RAM is plenty for anyone and 128 GB storage is more than enough considering we also have cloud storage options.

The new 7t also comes with a Snapdragon 855+ chipset and it managed to get a single-core score of 3,678 and a score of 11,458 for the multi-core test on Geekbench. Thought not particularly noticeable, the new snapdragon also offers a 15% graphical boost.

One more feature to note here is that the new OnePlus7t comes with an Android 10 Oxygen OS 10 version right out of the box which means all the new functionalities of the Android 10 is included in the package.

Fans of the OnePlus brand can get the phone for $599 releasing worldwide on 18th October 2019.