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30 Reasons You Should Get Incubated For Your Startup

Nuzhat Sheikh Written by Nuzhat Sheikh · 2 min read>

We are giving you 30 good reasons you should get incubated for your startup.

1) Who doesn’t want a free workspace? An incubator could provide you that for free.

2)  Your startup plane or plan will be backed by incubator to get you off the ground.

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3) Some business incubators will support any kind of business. Got an idea for software, media or any other?

4) Startup incubators also fund, assist and roll out mentoring programs, you definitely need.

5) You’ll have many chances to nurture your toddler (early stage startup) during incubation.

6) You get the opportunity to network with experts and like-minded. That’s pretty cool!

7) You gain some insight into the quality of a business incubator. You become a good observer.

8) You get the opportunity to dedicate your schedule wholly to your startup during the course. End of distractions.

9) Startup incubators helps you to evaluate your management capability. How well can you do?

10) Ability to work as a team isn’t something you born with. You learn it around here.

11)  You’re able to gauge the viability of your business. Will it perk up?

12) During incubation, you’ll be known for your true entrepreneurial savvy, at an early stage. Whoa!

13) When you hatch out (graduate) from the egg (Incubator), you’d be ready to fly high above – in the sky.

14) You become a part of innovative developments in the dot-com era.

15)  The efforts you put in the course add real values to your startup. (Tap on your shoulder) You did this!

16) Experienced and hard working people will always be there to aid in your efforts. (and to look after your toddler).

17) Incubator guides you in getting to the next level of business on every step. You’d definitely want to cross the level 1. ( as in games)

18) You’d pull yourself up by your bootstraps, ( Self growth).

19)  it’s amazing to declare you made it without external support. Incubator let’s you to be prominent in the world.

20) So, You make everyone feel proud especially papa (as it goes:  “…bara naam karega”

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21) a lot of your future success hinges on the connections you make and the strength of those connections. Incubator lets you firm them. No glue needed-

22)  You’d be shaking hands with many; Networking is a vital part for any startup. You make new friends!

23) Gives you insights on leveraging business models, because start-up doesn’t stick at version 1.0. Should they?

23) So, you’re a tech enthusiast, a business person to be – and a searcher – for your own rapid personal growth.

24) You become a single man with multi-talents. Who thought of it before incubating oneself?

25) During incubation It’s all about growing.  Of course, your toddler has to become an adult someday.

26) It’s not just about growing, but growing exponentially. Incubator let’s you grow at a fast pace.

27) You make a room for improvement during the course . When did you make one last time?

28) You’ll be a great producer, better than others in many ways .

29) And after a successful incubation period your toddler (startup) finally grow up. So, you sit back and enjoy perks of your own business.

30)  You’ll learn a great deal and your startup would come out a new version. Literally.

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