360° Rotating Folding Phone By Samsung

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Samsung is one of the leading mobile phone companies. For ages, Samsung has been making high-tech smartphones in the market. This time Samsung presented a new prototype display that can move 360°rotation.

Samsung Fold Galaxy models have always had an inward-folding display

The new hinge and prototype display Design leads to less creasing

The display also removes the need for a separate external display

At CES 2023, Samsung Display, a company’s division that produces its screen, displayed the new prototype display and hinge.

Samsung Fold

According to the company’s spokesperson John Lucas, the “Flex in and out” display can fold inward and outward and rotate the phone 360°.

This means the display can open up like unfolding a newspaper or fold outward and wrap itself around the device, like the hardcover of a book.

Moreover, the display is available with a different hinge design, creating a comparatively less visible cease. This is due to the “water-drop hinge” allowing a collection to form a looser shape, similar to a water drop when folded inward.

Previously, a few years back, Samsung produced Flex In and Out prototype, the fold-in-all-directions design.

According to Tom’s Guide, a “Flex In& Out” display also appeared at the 2021 International Meeting Of Information Displays (IMID) in South Korea.

Though the strategy was different, the display folded into an ‘S’ shape with several segments. As of the Galaxy Z fold 4. Samsung’s Fold line continues to employ displays that can only fold flat in one direction.

The new innovative screen could appear in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z fold 5.

As per the rumors, the device may have a less noticeable crease because of a similar hinge design.

People expect to release the Z Fold 5 (although the date has already been announced) along with the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

People are anxiously waiting for the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series, which Samsung will launch during its upcoming galaxy unpacked event on February 1st.


The design would be correct as some consider it to be the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4’s flawed “U” shaped hinge. Moreover, it also makes the Galaxy Z Fold 5 more similar to foldable smartphone rivals with less prominent creases.

This foldable design will solve one of the major complaints with the current foldable. When it folded outward, the display would stretch further. Therefore, there will be no question left of a crease forming on the screen.

On the other hand, if you fold the device inward, the redesigned hinge will take the stress off the screen along the fold line.

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