5 computer science courses you should do from edx this summer

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Every now and then we get ourselves enrolled into online courses that we never finish due to academic pressures or professional engagements. However, summer is the time when we all have ample time to focus on an objective. This summer, sign up for the following courses to grow your CS skills. Be it you are a high school student, freshman at university or nearing graduation, these courses will help you brush up your CS knowledge to help you prepare for the 10 most demanded roles for Computer Scientists the latest trends.

1. Programming in Scratch

If you have no programming experience and looking for an opportunity to dwell into coding, then Scratch is the most fun language to learn. Developed by MIT, Scratch makes programming fun not only for teens but grown ups as well. This self-paced course will enable you to develop games, animations and songs.

Course starts June 1st, get enrolled here.

2. Introduction to Cloud Computing

If cloud computing intrigues and you want to understand the frameworks and architecture of this technology, then this self paced course is tailored for you. The course will introduce you to a wide array of cloud implementation addressing Business Administration, Software Engineering, Data Storage and Information Architecture.

Course starts May 14th, get enrolled here.

3. Introduction to CS and programming using Python

This course will introduce you to computer science through programming challenges. The outline covers a variety of concepts related to data structures, algo design and information transmission. You will learn basic Python programming and understand the basic design, documentation, testing and implementation skills.

Course starts June 7th, get enrolled here.

4. Introduction to Systems Biology

This course is designed for students who have a keen interest in bio-informatics. The outline will enable you to grasp the basic concepts of biology relative to engineering principles and how difference tools can be used to develop systems to simulate biology. The course requires no prior programming experience, basic mathematical operations will be used for modelling and simulating gene circuits through a web-based tool Octave Online.

Course starts April 16th, get enrolled here.

5. Data Science Ethics

If you are working on a project involving data sciences, then this course will enable you to address concerns in an ethical manner about privacy, consent and ownership of data. This course is not exclusively for data sciences, everyone with an interest in the field is welcome to join.

Course starts May 1st, get enrolled here.

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