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5 Reasons why you should switch to Android

Written by Talha Masood ·  2 min read >

It’s been over a year since I switched to Android, The experience has been nothing but delight for me. Everything including my Contacts, Emails, Calendar events and notes were transferred without any difficulty. All its features impressed me and the interface was easy to understand. Now without further ado I’m going to mention 5 Reasons why you should switch to Android too.


Wide Range of Apps

Google Play Store has over 1 Million Apps for you to download. It has an app for everything Android openly gives its APIs to developers to use; this makes apps work with ease. Apps like Viber, Whatsapp, Pocket, Soundcloud intensify the android experience making it a complete package for everyone.
Have credit issues? Use Viber to make free calls. Bored of songs in your phones? Use Soundcloud to discover new music. Android helps everyone, in Pakistan there are many software houses developing apps for Android, which are getting recognition all over the world.

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I am the kind of person who likes to customize everything. One of the best features of Android is its level of Customization. Not just wallpaper you can change the complete interface of your Android Device such type of customization is not available in any other mobile operating system. What’s the best way to completely customize your phone?


Launchers are the best way to personalize your Android without going through the trouble of rooting your phone. Launchers don’t consume much memory and they allow you to change many options about the interface.
Themes are specially designed for launchers so they can give your android device a completely new feeling. My favorite Android launcher is Buzz Launcher it allows you to create your own interfaces.

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Custom, Stock and OEM ROMS

ROMS are firmware files, which make everything work on your android. When you buy your device it comes with an OEM Rom installed. Android is an open source operating system this means you can installed other ROMS too. Custom ROMS are made by developers for different devices while stock ROMS are made by Google featuring stock android experience.
These ROMS give you more control over your device like controlling memory, optimizing battery, governing processing etc. Unnecessary manufacture’s app can also be removed from the phone through installing a different ROM. There is a lot of developing going on to make remarkable ROMS for your device and the number of ROMS available overwhelms us.

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The operating system, which gives you more personal control, is the best one. You can change almost everything in Android. Keyboard is the most essential part of your phone and you have to get just the right keyboard for good texting and typing. Android has many different keyboards for you to use and you can choose the best one for yourself.
Swift Key and Swype are the most popular keyboards on Google Play both of these keyboards are filled with time saving and innovative features, which can improve your texting speed and open many possibilities to use different languages.

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Google Apps

Google Apps are the most productive apps available on any operating system. They are easily to understand and they are filled with features. Before coming to android I had to install third party apps to use these features. Google Apps are synced with your Gmail account and they get updated with your latest information across all your devices.
Google Chrome is already the most popular browser on Windows and Macs and now its available on Android too giving the same rich and fast experience. Gmail is the best Email app available it organizes your mails in an excellent manner. Google Drive gives you 15 GB of free storage on Cloud. It saves your Music, Photos and Documents and syncs them with all your devices.

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All these features of Android really compel you to use it. We recommend using Android because it’s easily available for every one with its wide range of devices. The most popular devices in the market are also Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3. Tell us how was your experience with Android and give us your feedback in the comment section below.

Written by Talha Masood
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