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5 Reasons To Look Forward To Intellistats App Update!

Written by Rizwan Anwer ·  3 min read >

Intellistats is an app that you probably don’t get app requests for on Facebook, It is an absolutely amazing app that seeks to help put the “smart” back in smartphone. In our fast paced lifestyle where daily routine forbids us from taking time out to manage our mobile expenditures because of family, academics, social life and other commitments, Intellistats 3.0 is an app that will take this daunting task off of your hands and once you have the app up and running you don’t have to do anything to follow up to it. The current version of the app on the Google PlayStore only shares user information with you such as number of calls, SMS and data usage but the upcoming overhaul to the app aptly titled as “Intellistats 3.0” is looking to gain sovereignty and help make the users life easier by taking over the responsibility of micromanaging your communication needs on your smartphone.

Intellistats is for the modern day smartphone users of all ages. It has a clean, colorful and meaningful interface to help you get through the drudgery of looking through an enormous call log / SMS exchange sheet or data spending and puts it down into a simple TL;DR (Too long ; didn’t read) format for you to help you find out who is the hot contact on your list who gets all your attention. If you are a power user or even a light user, this app is definitely recommended for you, you never know what other ways you could be missing out on to save money and this app could be your gateway to achieving your goal of penny pinching your mobile expenditure.

Now, let us get on to 5 reasons why you SHOULD be keeping an eye out for the latest overhaul being planned for Intellistats that is currently titled as “Intellistats 3.0”

Intellistats new Look

1. Information that will help lead into Insight

Who has the time, energy and more importantly attention span to sort out their monthly bill and decipher the complex puzzle of who they contacted, for how long and what network were they on? Intellistats 3.0 will do all that sorting out for you like an intern and you won’t have to worry about any inaccuracies or inconsistencies. Intellistats 3.0 will tell you the total number of minutes and seconds you contacted a person or number of people in an aggregate amount. It will tell you collectively how much time you spent on contacting an individual or your most active correspondences on your phone by telling you who are your most frequent contacts.

2. Insight lead towards Action

Finally figured out who is the one getting all your network minutes, SMS, data packets? Is it your spouse, boss, co-worker, your pet? Not a problem. Once you have identified the person(s) who have been in the most frequent contact with you, Intellistats 3.0 will hold your hand towards the solution of your problem. The app will direct you to packages offered by your network to help economize your spending towards the person on the network, whether the person you are contacting is an on net or off net user, Intellistats 3.0 will definitely help you reach a solution for your needs. Be it through a package offered by your network or ultimately give you the choice of porting out to the network you contact the most.

3. Simplification leads to Relaxation

Now that you have figured out where your money is being most spent and have been offered solutions towards your problem, what next? Dredge over to Google, look up your network providers’ website and browse through the best packages to aptly solve the issue? NOPE. Intellistats 3.0 will do all of the above for you too! You don’t have to subscribe to any of the relevant packages, call the helpline or send an SMS to a number. Intellistats 3.0 will do all of that for you and make the job all the more easier for you. Impossible to believe? That’s the whole point of Intellistats 3.0! To help make your smartphone spending more intelligent!

4. More Bells & Whistles than ever before!

Many of us have noticed the new PlayStore icon in our Android smartphones. This is to keep in touch with the material design that is following suit in the upcoming Android 5.0 Lollipop release, Intellistats 3.0 will revise its user interface to match the material design to be just as eye catching as the upcoming Android update but Intellistats 3.0 isn’t just going through a cosmetic change, it is also going through a functional change. Intellistats 3.0 will go through an operational change too. The App will be lighter, faster, more interactive, offer the users more options and user centric than it has ever been.

One of the features that you should definitely keep your eyes out for is the revised cost calculation algorithm that promise to help deliver more accurate results so that the end user is fully aware of how much balance they need to help sustain their new spending habit.

5. A whole new Intellistats that will surely get you talking!

If the above reasons aren’t enough to entice you to download the app and tell your friends about it, then you aren’t doing your civic duty as an android user. I may not be a power user of my smartphone but even I am guilty of overspending on certain parts of my phone communication needs, I always forget to skim through my network provider website to look for solutions to my problems because of being burdened by other commitments, so if I can have a smartphone app do it for me, I will most certainly help spread the word to others who are also on the same situation as I am.

Intellistats 3.0 is by far the most significant and rewarding overhaul the developer has put the app through. I hope you are as excited as I am for the upcoming release and if you aren’t I highly recommend you give the current app a go and see why you should be!

Want to test out the app? You can download the current stable version here and enroll in the beta testing program here.