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50 new Pokemon added to Pokemon Go in a major update

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The mobile gaming sensation from last year, Pokemon Go, gets two major game updates.

Niantic, the game developer behind Pokemon Go, has rolled out two updates to the augmented reality-based game, adding as much as 50 new Pokemon characters along with a new ‘dynamic real-world weather system’.

Niantic plans to release these updates in two individual parts. In the first part, as much as 50 new Pokemon will be added to the game’s database starting this week. The weather system update is scheduled to roll out later this month.

The newly added Pokemon creatures hail from the Hoenn region and were included in the past Pokemon games, Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. As far as the dynamic real-world weather system is concerned, it will mimic the individual player’s local weather conditions in the game environment thereby giving a more realistic touch to the gaming interface. This weather change will also influence the characteristics of Pokemon whose behavior changes with the weather.

Like for example, you will be seeing water-related Pokemon more on your whereabouts during a rainy day and when captured, these creatures will also have higher than average CP levels.

Introduced in June last year, Pokemon Go quickly soared in popularity. People started playing it in huge number, brands were using this game for marketing while some countries even banned this game. Check out this link and know how this game fared over the past one and a half years.

Written by Muneeb Ahmad
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