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7 Ways To Use ChatGPT Smartly To Increase Your Proficiency

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ChatGPT is a fantastic tool to enhance your work productivity and make your tasks easier.
With its impressive functions, it gives workers a productivity boost

OpenAI chatbot or any other AI tool won’t replace your job, but it can provide you with lots of help in your daily tasks. chatGPT is a fantastic tool that helps workers across many industries, from tech to media and the education sector.

After its launch in November 2022, the tool has become very popular among people as it gives accurate answers and solves problems in a conversational form. OpenAI creates ChatGPT, and millions of tech companies are investing and still willing to invest in making it more efficient.

Sam Altman, CEO of the firm behind ChatGPT, would agree that ” generative text is something we all need to adapt to.”

” We adapted to calculators and changed what we tested for in math class, I imagine, “Altman said during an interview with news in January. “This is a more extreme version of that, no doubt, but also, its benefits are more extreme.”
“Indeed, AI applications like ChatGPT can improve workers’ lives, said Muro, a senior fellow at the Brookings institute.

As we know, chatGPT has so many benefits, but at the same time, we cannot deny that we need to be very careful while using AI tools as the tech can be prone to misinformation.
Microsoft, a leading tech company and an investor of ChatGPT’s parent OpenAI, has recently permitted its employees to use ChatGPT for work purposes.

Here we are bringing seven effective ways to use ChatGPT, which will help boost your workplace productivity.

Use IT As A Search Engine

As we all use Google search engines very frequently. Google is the best and mainly used search engine. With ChatGPT, that may become less common.

” Google may be only a year or two away from total disruption,” Gmail Creator Paul Buchheit tweeted on Wednesday. He also added that AI could “instantly do what would take many minutes for a human” using a search engine like Google.

While chatGPT is not 100% accurate but it still provides efficient answers. It can analyze data from millions of websites to try and answer whatever question it receives.

Instead of providing users with a series of links to sit and search, chatGPT offers a quick answer. And if the answer is complicated, chatGPT can explain it in simpler terms if you ask.

” Some of the more boring parts of the job may disappear ,” Oxford economist Carl Benedikt Frey told Insider news. “We may begin focusing more on generating the right ideas, asking the right questions, things that are more interesting.”

Write Essays, Speeches, Songs, Cover Letters, And Much More

ChatGPT is very helpful for students as well as educationists. It is a handy writing tool, while some teachers try to crack down on AI’s use.

According to Upenn professor Ethan Mollick, ” it can help students generate ideas and improve their writing. The tool can save time when writing letters and emails as well.

“There are lots of positives about it, but that doesn’t minimize the fact that cheating and negativity are there, but those have been there for a long time. “

Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of online course provider Coursera, told CNN news he uses ChatGPT to write work emails and even speeches.

“I use it as a writing assistant and thought partner. “

TikTok user @frontlineleadership works as an executive coach said that he even used ChatGPT to write employee evaluations and was quite satisfied with the outcome.

“I only had to make slight adjustments here and there. It saved me probably 12 hours of work”. Moreover, he also added that chatGPT is a game changer.

To Analyze a Vast Amount Of Data

ChatGPT can quickly process and analyze data in less time.

“Analyzing and interpreting vast amounts of language-based data and information is a skill that you don’t expect generative AI technology to ramp up on,” Madgavkar told Insider.

“If you are an academic, it’s nice that you don’t have to do statistical analysis by hand. You can produce a lot more stuff.”

In addition, he also said that ‘AI can identify trends in the market, highlight what investments in a portfolio are doing better and worse, communicate all that, and then use various other forms of data by, say, a financial company to forecast a better investment mix.’

Use It To Schedule Daily Tasks

ChatGPT can quickly help you to organize your daily meetings, tasks, and other work schedule.

According to the study, “scheduling work and activities seems a perfect AI problem.”

It provides you with promising results. Micah, a YouTuber that makes videos exploring AI, posted a video about scheduling his daily tasks.

He asked ChatGPT to create a daily work schedule that includes tasks like finishing a performance report. The ChatbotChatbot was able to spit out an hour-by-hour breakdown of a potential program in a matter of seconds.

Later, he again asked chatGPT to reprioritize specific tasks but chatGPT suggested that “it may not be feasible to do so given his time constraints.”

Make Strategic Decisions, And Support Customers

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, chatGPT would easily guide you through the process. Insider Jennifer asked the ChatbotChatbot various questions and found it a very effective tool for generating ideas. Not only this, but it can also help outline a business plan.

“I ask chatGPT to become aware of where my biases and blind spots might be,” he said. And the answers I received are a good starting point to check your thinking”.

According to Amazon employees, “it does an outstanding job”. And it is powerful at answering queries about corporate strategy.

Use It As A Coding Assistant

Oded Netzer, a Columbia Business School professor, thinks AI is helpful for coders rather than replacing them.

“In terms of jobs, I think it’s primarily an enhancer than full replacement; coding and programming is a good example of that. It actually can write code quite well”.

ChatGPT quickly presents a line of codes to resolve coding problems. One TiKToker used it to identify errors in some code.

“It spat out what was wrong with my code,” he said. “Then I copied that and pasted it in, and it worked.”

Use It To Apply For A New Job Or To Negotiate A Raise

If you are unhappy at your job, chatGPT will help you find some support. People use it to craft their resumes and to write cover letters efficiently.

“It will make you a cover letter, so you don’t have to waste your time anymore.” Jonathan Javier, CEO of the career consulting company, said in a TikTok video.

And if you feel yourself, underpaid chatGPT would help you to get a raise. It may give you advice and assist you with pieces of advice that you can easily follow.

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