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A comparison of Telenor and Ufone 3G Packages

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Just when you were getting used to high speed internet without constantly having to worry about your balance dropping to nil, the telecom companies have decided to pull the trigger and charge you for the 3G service. Ladies and Gentlemen, the good days of the 3G free service are over: get ready to to be constantly out of balance because boy, these companies are charging. Zong and Mobilink are yet to reveal their tariff plans but Ufone and Telenor’s respective 3G packages plans are up at their site. We decided to do a comparison of 3G Packages and see how much each company is charging their users.

The Daily Bundles

3G internet daily bundles are a good idea because you don’t have to pay the whole chunk of money in one go and the if you have subscribed to a daily offer, it automatically gets renewed. For users who like to stay connected to Social Media on the go and don’t need a high data quota, daily bundles solve the problem.

Unfortunately for Ufone users, there are no 3G daily bundle packages that you can subscribe to. Until Ufone revises the packages, you’re left with the old and boring 2G!
Telenor users, however, can rejoice. The network offers its customers a 3G prepaid Daily Bundle (50 MBs for 15 Rupees) and a Daily Plus Bundle (100 Mbs for 25 Rupees)

Weekly Bundles

If you are a regular internet consumer and connectivity is important to you, subscribing to a Weekly Bundle gets you more data at a better rate. Luckily, Ufone does facilitate customers who are looking for Weekly 3G Ufone Bundles. However, there are two variants in these packages. The telecom company is not offering a simple 3G plan to you. Instead, you can choose between the speeds you want. Weekly bundle 1 is at 512 kbps, double the speed of 2G (250 MBs for 75 Rupees) and Weekly Bundle 2 is at 1Mbps, four times regular 2G (250 MBs for 125). Basically for an extra 50 Rupees you can double the speed.

Unlike Ufone, Telenor is offering 3G upfront without any speed variant packages. With Telenor the Weekly Bundle will cost you almost 60% less than the Ufone package and give you double quota (500 MBs at 75 Rupees). Clearly, if Telenor is able to deliver the high speeds that 3G generally promises, it comes out as a winner in terms of the customer packages it is offering.

Monthly Bundles

If internet availability is a must for you, you might as well go for the monthly packages because that is where companies are willing to lay off the charges a bit and give you a good download cap. Again, Ufone has 3 speed variants, packages with a speed of 512kbps, 1Mbps and 3Mbps. However at the highest speed, a monthly package will cost you quite a bit! (3GB for 1500 Rupees) Telenor Pakistan is offering a vastly better package. With Telenor Monthly Package, you can get more than double quota at 50% less cost (8GB for 1000 Rupees).

Ufone Telenor 3G Packages

For more details you can visit the respective websites of Ufone and Telenor. From the looks of it, Telenor clearly looks like the right choice. There is a lot of price difference when compared with Ufone packages. However, Jazz and Zong are still to reveal their 3G prepaid tariff. Once they have, the comparison can be more complete. What do you think about Ufone’s exorbitant rates? Should they be charging such a high price?

Written by Qurat Zafar
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