A new ‘Rabta’ SMS system for complaint registration to be introduced by KP police

Avatar Written by Abdul Wahab · 1 min read>

A new ‘Rabta’ SMS system is set to be introduced by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police for facilitating the tiresome process of complaint registration in police stations.

The announcement was made on Sunday night by PTI’s twitter panel, where the current government tweeted about the new “SMS-based system of information for complainants of heinous cases under name Raabta.” For the facilitation of the citizens of KPK, the government has digitized the infamous FIR-system which has finally entered the digital age. As per PTI’s tweet, once FIR is registered the complainant will immediately be notified the following information via an SMS:

  • FIR number
  • Sections of Law
  • Name of IO
  • Number of IO

The Investigating officer will receive the message with name and number of the complainant once the FIR is registered. The Investigation Officer will then immediately call the complainant and will further coordinate with the affected party. Once the Investigation Officer is done with the coordination, he will then inform the senior officer that the complainant or the affected party has been successfully notified about the status of the FIR report. Furthermore, all the senior officers including CCPO, SSPs and DSPs will also get instant notification about the FIR.

This new system seems to have finally streamlined the age-old FIR method and will save the citizens some unneeded trips to the police station. This was also evident from PTI’s tweet where the current government explained the purpose of this new system was to facilitate the people and make the system more robust, effective and quick. The tweet further said that more features will soon be added to this system.

This reform is part of PTI’s policy to make the police system more accessible for the layman. In the past, the police department was marred with corruption, weak management, and lackluster performance. However, the new government’s aim to improve the law and order of the country via digital means is a welcoming step for the people of Pakistan.