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Alibaba Invites Businesses to Trial its New AI Chatbot

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  59 sec read >
Named as the Tongyi Qianwen, this new AI chatbot is launched by Alibaba is believed to be targeted towards businesses

As artificial intelligence continues to grow in popularity, both big and small tech companies have started exploring opportunities in this area. The latest addition into this list was of Chinese technology giant, Alibaba, who has just recently released its AI chatbot named Tongyi Qianwen, and is now inviting companies for testing the new product.

The Tongyi Qianwen Chatbot released by Alibaba, comes in at a time where OpenAI’s chatbot named ‘ChatGPT’ gained massive traction, starting an AI wave and bringing in massive demand for generative artificial intelligence.

Getting into its testing phase after around five months of ChatGPT’s release, Alibaba’s AI Chatbot will not just compete with ChatGPT, but also a large number of other chatbots being released by different technology companies.

It’s being reported that Alibaba, after announcing its AI chatbot on 8th April, is now registering businesses to test the AI application. But why is Alibaba only allowing business to test the new AI application? Well, this is because the Tongyi Qianwen is believed to be a large language model (LLM) targeted towards business users.

The official website for the ‘Tongyi Qianwen’ opens up to a form which allows businesses to enter information such as phone numbers and email addresses and request an invitation to use the AI Chatbot.

It’s being reported that the company has organized a formal launch for ‘Tongyi Qianwen’, this Tuesday. This launch event will be attended by CEO Daniel Zhang and Alibaba’s cloud division.


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