After Snapchat Facebook steals feature from another tech platform

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Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s obsession of stealing features from other tech platforms is not new. And due to this habit, it always comes under criticism from the companies from which Facebook has stolen features from.

Facebook in a bid to promote its “create a post” feature has stolen a feature from Twitter. It has stolen the iconic 140 character limit which Twitter allows its users for their post. Facebook launched this new feature with only one change and that is, it is allowing 130 characters post instead of 140.

After the news broke many netizens and journalists around the globe criticized Facebook for this action.

How this new feature works

First, go to the create a post box and select one of the colored circles, write in the box and you will notice that your message has appeared against a color background. Facebook is offering many colors circles varying from single to different multi-colors.

Until recently, Facebook had been copying Snapchat’s features for its Instagram platform. Facebook had copied Snapchat’s Stories feature and also copied Snap’s overlaid creative tool as well. Instagram’s head of product Kevin Weil at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in New York said, “If we’re being honest with ourselves, this is the way the tech industry works and frankly, it’s how all industries work”.

With this current move of stealing a feature from Twitter, Facebook has now added Twitter to its list from where it can steal features from.

Till now no official statement in this regard has been issued by Twitter.

Image Source: TheNextWeb