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After Taher Shah, Meet the New Social Media Music Sensation of Pakistan

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Imran Khan Fan Video

Social Media can spread any news like fire and once it’s on the internet, it cannot be removed ever. This has become true since the day the users were able to access internet from multiple devices; anytime, anywhere. The invasion of digital media and internet has led almost everyone from politicians to tech-savvy people to use technology to spread their message to a wider community. The message can be for entertainment purpose or for bringing a change in society, however, when an element of fun is added with the mentioned objectives, it can sometimes lead to disaster like the one below.

Did you survive the spectrum and sensational eyes of Tahir Shah? Well, we wonder how you would survive a cross between Tahir Shah, Mathira and Imran Khan’s vision – Naya Pakistan. Yes, a latest music sensation with all these characteristics has hit the Pakistani Social Media again.

This man in four and a half minutes of ridiculous dance steps, cheap background transitions and poorly edited video has string together some lines to highlight the prevalent situation in Pakistan. The absurd connection between “jhooti (or chooti – Mathira style) ka mun kaala hai”, “kaali ghatta”, “Naya Sooraj anay wala hai” and the relation with the Naya Pakistan slogan will definitely make you grateful for the ‘current Pakistan’ you are residing in.

The music video seems a promotional video gone wrong for PTI. The whole video, in its weird way, is trying to inculcate the message of speaking truth because lie won’t get you anywhere as “naya sooraj” will soon arise and shine on your “udaas zameen”. The singer also shows his love for Imran Khan saying “Imran ka bola bala hai” along with images of Imran Khan in the background. Even Imran Khan will be embarrassed after he sees this fan video.

You can see this new sensational video below.

Written by Sarwat Fatima
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