Amazon web services now supports migration of NoSQL databases

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Today, Amazon has declared that they are going to enhance its DMS (Data Migration Service). The improvement will simplify the migration of data which is kept in MongoDB (NoSQL database). This will enable customers to port their private information into AWS’s managed service, with ease.

Amazon Web Services stated in a blog post that the migration of NoSQL databases is now supported by the DMS. This shows that in the future more NoSQL databases get authorized Data Migration Service support. Amazon said, “Currently DMS is compatible with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SAP ASE database, and Amazon Aurora.”

AWS announced in February 2017 that the Schema Conversion tool could take information from Teradata data warehouse and Oracle and get it organized to be pushed into AWS’ Redshift data warehousing service.

In 2015, AWS initially introduced the compatible DMS and Schema Conversion Tool. In December 2016, the CEO of AWS, Andy Jassy believed 16,000 migrations have been done by DMS this year. In a tweet last month, he said, overall we have accomplished 22,000 migrations.

Proclaiming the announcement, Amazon believes, “AWS Database Migration Service has expanded its functionality to support migration of NoSQL databases. This gives you significant new migration options in addition to its existing relational database and data warehouse migration capabilities.”

MongoDB was popular technology in the market few years back. MongoDB allows a managed version of the database that is hosted on Amazon Web Services, said by the company behind MongoDB. Nowadays AWS will be capable to bring in profits where companies had formerly wanted to utilize MongoDB for databases in personal data center. Or you can say, Amazon Web Services is now stimulating its own consumer, and it is not happening for the first time.

You can read more on the topic by visiting the product page of AWS Database Migration service.