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Android App – Circle

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GPS has become an integral part of our social lives now – our smartphones are equipped with GPS sensors,making it miraculously easier for us to track our location and get directions to places we want to visit. We check in to restaurants, cafes, and stores to share our location with the world.

To my surprise there is one aspect of location tracking that is not so common yet – It is person to person tracking!

Circle is a local social networking app with the same purpose in mind. It lets you get acquainted with people who are around you- location wise. The application has a very sleek, clean and beautiful interface that makes it a lot easier to understand and use. With location tracking the first thing that comes to our mind is the ‘Map Interface’ but circle app has approached the design of the application in a different way, you won’t see any map type thing in this application rather everything is beautifully presented in lists. Circle app doesn’t share your exact location with the people. ( Nobody would like random people to knock on their doors! :))

Circle has a network of its own, and people could join it to meet like minded people who are near to them. For example, I have joined ‘Android Developers’ Network; all those people who have joined this network around me will be available for making connections. We can also sync up our Contacts/Facebook Profile to get notifications about friends who are near us!

The app has three modes for the user

1) Offline that instantaneously hides you from the community.

2) Online mode makes you visible but still nobody can contact you directly

3) Networking mode lets you and others to connect together and message!

The moment I downloaded this app, I immediately fell in love with the design of it. Packaging a complex concept in such a beautiful design would have been very difficult for the team. The animation, the color selection, the switching between different views is just so perfect!!

Circle is highly recommended for anyone who wants to increase their Social Network or want to meet like minded people around themselves. If you are neither outgoing, nor open to making new connections then you shouldn’t download this app.  🙂




Written by Fatima Rizwan
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