CIRCLE Women Tech Karo program successfully concludes with 50 graduates

Circle Women is dedicated to women empowerment in technology through entrepreneurship and leadership labs and their latest program titled “Tech...

Jan 23 ·>

EVERYTHING you need to know about She Loves Tech competition

CIRCLE, a social enterprise focused on economic empowerment of women, is bringing back She Loves Tech, a women-centric global...

Jun 29 ·>

These 10 startups are changing the rules for women in Pakistan’s startup industry

Gender disparity in the tech and startup industry is a long and ongoing problem that does not appear to...

Aug 7 ·>
Sadaffe Abid, founder CIRCLE

Elevate The Youth is a capacity building accelerator for the youth of Pakistan

The need of time has allowed entrepreneurship and social innovation to become a popular global phenomenon around the world....

Jul 14 ·>
Elevate The Youth

Android App – Circle

GPS has become an integral part of our social lives now – our smartphones are equipped with GPS sensors,making...

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