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Facebook to integrate WhatsApp functionality, rumours say

Since the last one month, we have been continuously reading about WhatsApp Business. When last month WhatsApp announced the standalone business application, it also took early testers registrations as well on the FAQ page.

The service is still in testing mode and those who have signed up for the testing account can now give feedback to WhatsApp on data migration, analytics, scheduled messaged etc.

Here is what WhatsApp has been asking its users:

WhatsApp Business

The best thing about WhatsApp is that it is going to be a separate stand-alone application on the platform which will help users maintain a separation between personal and business accounts. WhatsApp has already explained different use case scenarios through which users can get onboard WhatsApp business and manage their personal and professional accounts. The below image is very important for that understand.

WhatsApp Business

The Android App is available for download on the Google Play store but since it is available for only testers, you might not be able to get anything here. In order to get your hands early on the platform, sign up for a beta tester and once you are enrolled then you will be able to try out the application.

APKMirror also has the app file available to download but you need to be an enrolled tester to try this application.

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