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Apple Is Beginning To Mass Produce M2 Chips This Month, Intel In Trouble?

Usman Aslam Written by Usman Aslam · 1 min read>

With Apple bringing about some truly impactful products in its recent Spring event which feature the iPad Pro, Macs in different colors, and newly customized iPhone, there have been expectations of the company heading into a new chip called the M2.

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This news became even more prominent as the Cupertino-based company is aiming to release more powerful MacBook pro models which will rock faster processors than its predecessor i.e. the M1 MacBook Air and Pro 2020. However, according to a recent report by Nikkei Asia, the company is now working to mass-produce new Apple M2 chips within this month.

Moreover, the products rocking these chips are reported to be shipped as early as July. The report further stated that these M2 chips will be based on the N5P process which will result in a 20% increase in speed and a 40% reduction in power consumption. This includes more CPU and GPU cores in comparison to the M1 chip which only had 8 CPU cores (4 large and 4 small) and 7 to 8 GPU cores.

This is a big problem for Intel though as not only has Apple stop relying on Intel to provide processors for their computers but has led to a public understanding that users are now aware that the M1 chip outclasses even Intel’s latest processors. This not only reduces sales for Intel but also gives them a hard time for tech-savvy consumers to consider their processors.

Aside from just the processor though, it has been rumored that the new Apple MacBooks will have more ports than the previous ones hence giving users more access to connecting peripherals and devices.

If you’re looking to purchase a MacBook M1 Air or Pro then it is to be noted that both laptops range between 1400 – 1600 USD (which is equivalent to nearly 2 lac in PKR). Both have the same specifications however the only difference is that the MacBook Pro has a touch bar and has a proper fan for cooling whereas the MacBook Air has none of them. However, it is expected that the prices of these beasts will drop slowly but not by a huge amount.

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