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Apple Shows-off Photos Taken from iPhone 6 After Taunts from Samsung

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Samsung took to the stage yesterday to introduce its latest flagship devices, GALAXY S6 and the GALAXY S6 Edge. Apart from the usual observations regarding new features and design innovations, Samsung took a couple of jabs at the flagship devices from its main competitor, Apple.

Samsung executives, to begin with, poked fun at the highly-publicized ‘bendgate’ phenomenon from which over a 100 iPhone 6 Plus units have reportedly suffered so far. Samsung also took the liberty to compare pictures taken from a GALAXY S6 and an iPhone 6 handsets under similar conditions side-by-side to bring home the apparent superiority of the former’s camera.

Apple apparently hasn’t taken that criticism lightly and the company’s CEO Tim Cook recently shared a tweet urging readers to take a look at Apple’s official website where one can find a host of some 60 pictures and videos taken from the cameras of iPhone 6 units.

These photos and videos, compiled under ‘World Galley’ collection at Apple feature some of the best iPhone 6 photos submitted by their users, and the header states:

“Shot on iPhone 6: People take incredible photos and videos on iPhone 6 every day. And here are some of our favorites. Explore the gallery, learn a few tips, and see what’s possible with the world’s most popular camera.”

While one might argue that there’s nothing special about cherry-picking a few scores of photos from an immense collection (much like Nokia did to promote the Lumia 1020), the fact that iPhone cameras are known for an all-around, consistent performance cannot be ignored.

You can find some of the pictures from the gallery after the break; visit the collection at Apple for all photos and videos.


Shot by Gabby K. (Snoqualmie Pass, WA)


Shot by Teppo K. (Helsinki, Finland)


Shot by Dawn D. (Portland, OR)


Shot by David K. (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)


Shot by Jeremiah C. (Amicalola Falls State Park, GA)

—Cover image credits: PC Advisor

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