Apple trolls other tech-companies ahead of CES 2019

Avatar Written by Abdul Wahab · 1 min read>

Apple just trolled other tech companies ahead of the popular Consumer Electronics Show via a giant poster add that says, “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone”.

The CES show will commence from January 8th in Las Vegas, and every major tech company in the world will be present at this show to show off what new and exciting product they have been working on in the past year. Apple is the only exception from this show as the Cupertino giant has always chosen to intentionally avoid CES, this isn’t surprising considering Apple has had a lot of success in hosting and hyping its own product launches, therefore the company does not feel the need to host its products on any other tech-show other than its own.

However, that didn’t stop Apple from taking a jibe at other tech companies this year. Apple chose a strategic building which is next to Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) to advertise its product in a witty way, the add highlighted an integral part of smartphone which is privacy.

The ad that ran on the side of a multi-story building said, “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone” and below this statement was a link where the company further highlights the importance of security and how it ensures by providing top of the line security features like Apple pay, Face ID, and the health data collected by the Apple Watch. This ass seems to troll every major Apple competitor at CES.

Interestingly, no one can deny this, since it’s a known fact that Apple, unlike other tech companies, takes care of its customer’s privacy very seriously. Tim Cook is known for taking a hard stance against major American government agencies when it comes to compromising the privacy of its customers.

Unlike Apple, Google has had all sorts of privacy issues. In October 2018, it was revealed that Google tried to hide a Google+ bug from 2015 which exposed the personal data of 50,000 users. In December 2018 Amazon’s Alexa accidentally leaked audio file recordings of one of its users and sent them to a completely different customer. All these incident seems trivial in front of the massive blunders that Facebook committed in 2018. Among all of this Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal that shook the Internet was the highlight of 2018 when it comes to Cyber-security breaches.

Apple may have the high moral ground when it comes to user privacy, but the company has had other problems which have also enraged a lot of customers. The bendgate that once haunted Apple in 2014 had come back again in 2018-19, this time in the form of iPad Pro 2018. Furthermore, poor iPhone sales and over-costly products have plummeted Apple’s stock share. So while the Cupertino giant is trolling other companies it should also shed some light on its own performance.