Apple’s iPhone XS smashes Google Pixel 3 XL in processing power

Avatar Written by Abdul Wahab · 1 min read>

Google recently released its flagship, Pixel 3 while Apple released the iPhone XS Max a month ago. With both phones now available in the market, it’s time to test which one of them is better when it comes to raw processing power.

Apple powered its latest iPhone with the in-house built A12 Bionic chip. The 7-nanometer chip has six cores, two performance cores that are only used for resource-intensive tasks like gaming. The four remaining cores are used for more common tasks, like sending messages or checking email. Another benefit of the new processor is the ability to handle storage of up to 512GB. On the other hand, Google opted to power its latest Pixel smartphone with Qualcomm’s octa-core Snapdragon 845. Both the performance and efficiency cores are clocked slightly slower than the Galaxy at 2.5GHz and 1.5GHz, respectively. The processor is backed by 4GB of RAM, while an Adreno 630 GPU drives graphics for the 5.5-inch handset.

Geekbench 4 CPU and GPU test

Starting with the most famous benchmark test, Geekbench CPU test, iPhone X‘s single core performance was more than double the Pixel 3, scoring an impressive 4,816 points compared to Pixel 3’s 2,393 pints. The gap between the multi-scores of both devices isn’t that high but the iPhone XS Max (11,584) still overwhelmingly beats the Pixel 3 XL (8,312).

In the Geekbench 4, GPU test iPhone X scored 61% than the Google Pixel 3 XL, proving once again how Apple’s processor is leaps ahead of the rest.

Antutu’s graphics intensive benchmarks test

The Pixel 3 did well with 284,546 points, but it was unable to compete with the might of iPhone XS Max, which had an extremely impressive score of 363,687. Looking at the detailed results, the iPhone beat the Pixel 3 in every test except for memory.
In the Antutu’s HTML 5 test, the iPhone XS Max scored approximately 35% higher than the Pixel 3 XL, where the iPhone XS Max scored 46,351 points compared to Pixel 3 XL’s 34,674 points.

Octane 2.0 test

In Octane 2.0, another browser benchmark, the difference was massive. The XS Max scored 43,220, almost three times the Pixel 3’s 16,396. These results were pretty shocking considering the fact that Google always touts about its unparalleled hardware-software integration, while this test shows such a wide gap between Google and Apple’s software integration.