Apple’s Secret Team working on Curing Diabetes: Report

Ali Raza Written by Ali Raza · 1 min read>
Green Apple

From last few years Apple has shifted its focus on health, however, the tech giant isn’t going to stop yet. A secret team of Apple now working on a solution for curing diabetic that would be perceived as the “holy grail” for the illness, reported by CNBC.

CNBC citing three persons aware of the matter describes that the tech giant has occupied a small group of researchers from the field of biomedical to work on the project. The secret team is based out of a nondescript, unmarked workplace in California, miles from company headquarters.

The initiative is sufficient along that Apple has been piloting feasibility trials at experimental sites through the Bay Area and has employed advisers to aid it to figure out the monitoring pathways, the three persons said.

People said Apple is not gonna stop the efforts for next five years. The team is using smart watches to monitor important changes, like heart rate, oxygen levels, and blood glucose, which was envisioned by Steve Jobs. In the year 2010, the tech giant secretly purchased a firm named Cor, after then Bob Messerschmidt CEO reportedly sent Steve Jobs an email on the subject of sensor technologies for wellness and health. Later on, Bob Messerschmidt joined the Apple smartwatch team.

Apple is also working on optical sensors that work by shining a light through the patient skin to test glucose levels, explained by another source. If the Apple accurately measure the level of glucose in the body it would be a massive achievement and for the medical market as well.

Accurately detecting glucose levels has been such a challenge that one of the top experts in the space, John L. Smith, described it as “the most difficult technical challenge I have encountered in my career.” To succeed would cost a company “several hundred million or even a billion dollars,” DexCom executive chairman Terrance Gregg previously told Reuters.

Although the breakthrough would be very crucial for millions of patients around the globe, spur new medical study. It will also excavate a potential market for customers to track their diabetes for wellness and health perceptive. It could change the sense for Apple Watch from “nice to have” to “must have” for folks who would benefit from a simple method to measure the blood sugar.