Arthur Lawrence unveils new brand identity

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What led to Arthur Lawrence 2.0?

The company’s latest transformation in its visual identity and positioning is a thoughtful and conscious decision to convey one message, loud and clear – that its mission is to empower its employees, clients and partners with exceptional resources, products and solutions and enable them to achieve their ‘exceptional’.

In the past 18 years, the company has undergone important strategic changes and has evolved into a multifaceted firm with three major service offerings – talent, digital transformation and business process management. The new positioning is reflective of its evolution, showcases how it has stood the test of time while sticking to the roots and values that they call the Seven Pillars and builds on its commitment towards making an impact and delivering excellence.


Arthur Lawrence’s new logo represents a fusion of modernity and vibrancy while the addition of colors representing its three key services manages to give out a fresh vibe and weaves a story of how each color connects with its target audience. At the heart of this brand relaunch is a new tagline – ‘exceptional. repeat.’ – perfect, precise and artfully crafted.

Although red has always been the color that Arthur Lawrence owns, however, this repositioning brings a subtle change in the red tone making it digital-friendly and signifying the brand’s shift to a bolder, sharper and contextually relevant entity. The four bars coming together from each direction in the top right corner of the word mark represent collaboration among various teams at Arthur Lawrence while the space in the middle implies their continuous improvement endeavors. Stemming out of their tagline, this unique mark is plausibly named the ‘exceptional mark’.


Keeping the focus on its people, Arthur Lawrence’s leadership, in a hybrid brand relaunch ceremony attended by nearly 500 employees globally, announced that this repositioning also underlines and aims to build on the employee engagement initiatives and to mentor them in realizing their professional and personal dreams.

Arthur Lawrence’s partnership with Fortune 500 and Global 2000 organizations is reflective of how the company is all geared up for its next level of sustainable growth and expansion.

Written by Usman Aslam
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