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Plan9 selects 4 teams from Islamabad launchpad

The Plan9 Launchpad Series came to an end with four finalists from Islamabad making it into Plan9’s 5th Incubation...

Dec 15 ·>

How Two Young Pakistani NUST Graduates are Revolutionizing “Holographic Technology”

It started as a final-year project back in September 2013, with two young engineers from NUST, researching ways to...

Dec 10 ·>

5 Entrepreneurial Lessons from Star Wars

As a young entrepreneur tending to the tasks of a new startup, you need constant help and advice from...

Dec 9 ·>

How Uber and Controversy have become Synonymous

If controversy had a second name within the startup community then it would probably be ‘Uber’. The ridesharing service,...

Dec 8 ·>

5 Traits Of Insanely Productive People

To understand what makes a person insanely productive, one has to understand the definition of personal productivity. Within mathematics...

Dec 8 ·>

“Artificial Intelligence could spell the End of the Human Race” – Stephen Hawking

Famed British theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and Director of Research at University of Cambridge – Dr. Stephen Hawking yet...

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Dec 4 ·>

Pizza Hut will be taking orders by actually ‘reading’ your mind.

Globally known for its pizzas and side dishes, Pizza Hut now plans on reinventing the traditional menu card. Their...

Dec 3 ·>

I’m Batman! – 5 Lessons for Success by Bruce Wayne

As CEO & Chairman of Wayne Enterprises, he is a Billionaire Industrialist & Philanthropist. As, the “Dark Knight” he...

Dec 3 ·>
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Plight of the Pakistani Entrepreneur

Despite coming up with innovative ideas, the young Pakistani Entrepreneur remains delusional about Growth Pakistanis are hard-working and ingenious...

Nov 30 ·>