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5 Entrepreneurial Lessons from Star Wars

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As a young entrepreneur tending to the tasks of a new startup, you need constant help and advice from wherever you deem necessary. Star Wars is not only one of most successful and celebrated movie franchises of all time, it’s also full of valuable lessons which can be applied to any entrepreneurial endeavor. Psychologists, Managers and Coaches frequently use examples from Star Wars to explain topics on leadership, teamwork and organizational behavior. Similarly, these lessons are applicable for young entrepreneurs and startups.

1. Form an Alliance
Building the right team is an essential step for any startup. When Princess Leia forms her own rebel alliance she recruits Luke Skywalker (the marketing manager), Han Solo (the sales manager), Chewbacca (the operations manager), C-3PO (the financial manager) and R2-D2 (the technology manager) to form an all-star team. Your team is your biggest strength. With the right team, you can even take on the Galactic Empire.

2. Find a Mentor
Need an experienced helping hand to take you and your startup to the next level? Find yourself a mentor or let one find you. The right mentor will be your guide, your therapist and your supporter. Like Luke Skywalker, you need to find your Yoda.

3. Expect the Unexpected
Star Wars is full of surprises and so is any entrepreneurial journey. Luke Skywalker didn’t expect Darth Vader to be his father, but he adjusted to the circumstances of it. Similarly, when something unexpected happens within your business, be prepared to follow up and adjust accordingly.

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4. Don’t Repeat Mistakes
Experienced leaders learn from their mistakes and try to avoid them at all costs within their future. Unless, those leaders are influenced by Emperor Palpatine. In which case, they probably will make the mistake of building a second Death Star; only to have it destroyed like its predecessor.

5. Never Give in to the Dark Side
Leadership and success brings along power and with it a fear of losing it all. As soon as you start getting concerned about your control and influence, you end up making careless decisions – decisions that may inversely effect the character and culture of your organization. Beware of the Dark Side, before it embraces you. As a leader, always consider the welfare of your team and clients before your own self. May the Force be with You!