Bank Alfalah Clears the Concerns over it’s Strategy for COVID-19

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Bank Alfalah has taken to their social media accounts and responded to the numerous news bulletins mentioning the spread of COVID-19 through their branches around the country.

The Bank has reassured their customers and informed them about a protocol that they have in place to combat the spread of this virus. The protocol dictates that any employee that has the flu or is exhibiting flu-like symptoms is immediately sent home and advised to stay in self-quarantine until they can seek medical assistance. Not only that, Bank Alfalah informed its customers that all the other employees on-duty at that time will be asked to return home and stay in self-isolation as well. This will be followed by a thorough disinfection of the premises which, the bank states, is being done on a “priority basis.”

The bank has already implemented this protocol on one of its branches in Lahore. In the past week, an employee of the Shahdin Manzil Branch exhibited flu-like symptoms and was asked to leave immediately and seek medical attention. The employee has since taken the corona-diagnosis test, the results of which are expected soon. “We wish him good health and a speedy recovery regardless of the outcome,” said the bank in a Facebook post. The other Shahdin Manzil Branch employees working at the time of the report were also sent home and asked to practice self-isolation until they are sure they do not present any of the COVID-19 symptoms.

Other than this protocol, Bank Alfalah has already implemented a policy to operate most of their branches with a reduced number of staff present at any given time. This helps the line managers keep track of their employees’ health and allows all branches to have “contingency teams prepared to take over and ensure continuity of operations,” in the event of an employee exhibiting symptoms.

Bank Alfalah says they are doing their best to limit the spread of this virus whilst simultaneously serving their customers with the best service possible. “We thank YOU for your trust in Bank Alfalah and your patience while we keep you safe.”

Written by TechJuice
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