Best gaming phones around Rs. 30,000 in 2019

Written by Muhammad Usman ·  1 min read >
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Whether you’re playing PUBG Mobile or racing in Asphalt, a lagging performance is very frustrating. Especially in multiplayer games. Gaming smartphones should meet two basic conditions, long battery life and hitch-less performance in games. These are the best gaming phones you can find in Pakistan that tick all the right boxes when it comes to mobile gaming.

Before we delve in, a small disclaimer that prices given in this list may be different from retailers. Also, there may be cheaper alternatives available that are not mentioned.

1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro Price In Pakistan

Price Rs. 30,499
Featuring an impressive 6GB RAM, this phone may not look like a gaming phone, but rest assured, you will hardly feel any glitches or hitches even in the most demanding of Android games. With an Octa-core 1.8 GHz CPU and 4000mAh of battery, gamers can enjoy long times of uninterrupted play.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro has an Antutu Benchmark rating of 115.991. This makes it better than almost 85% of all Android smartphones in terms of performance. With some considerations, this is also the highest rating on this list.

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2. Huawei Y9 (2019)

Huawei Y9 2019 Price In Pakistan

Price Rs. 35,999
While the Huawei Y9 may enjoy the highest Antutu benchmark rating in this list, there is one problem. Antutu is a Chinese based ranking service and the Chinese version of Y9 features a 6GB RAM, unlike the 4GB RAM in the global variant. The impressive rating of 138.500 is for the Chinese variant. Making some considerations, this brings the Y9 roughly on par with the Redmi Note 6.

The battery is solid with 4000mAh of capacity. Its CPU configuration is interesting. Like the Redmi, it features an Octa-core CPU/ However, four of these are 2.2 GHz while the other four run at 1.7 GHz. This makes its CPU faster than the Redmi.

3. Oppo A5

Oppo A5 Price In Pakistan

Price Rs. 27,899, 57.000, Octa-core 1.8 GHz
The Oppo A5 shines when it comes to battery size. With a massive 4230mAh battery, it rivals batteries common in tablets. Its CPU speed and cores match with that of the Redmi. The Octa-core 1.8 GHz CPU is coupled with 4GB of RAM.

On the other hand, its Antutu score of 57.000 is far from impressive. However, coupled with a decent number of cores and a big battery, it will do fine.

4. Vivo Y95

Vivo Y95 Price in Pakistan

Price Rs. 30,899

If big screen gaming is a priority, then the Vivo Y95 is a good option. It features a 6.22 inches screen and a decent battery size of 4030mAh. Its CPU is Octa-core with two 1.95 GHz cores and six 1.45 GHz cores. This is a similar split of CPU speed like the Huawei Y9. However, the Y9’s total clock speed is much faster.

Its Antutu score is 88.701, which is not bad by our standards. No surprises here in the RAM department as it features the same 4 GB shared with most phones in this list.