Best Tech Careers That Don’t Require Coding Skills

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

As we all know, the tech career is at its peak. With the development of technology, a person needs to be skilled enough to get a promising career.
Jobs like social media management for tech companies are a perfect solution for those who want a job in the tech industry.
However, every company needs an IT-skilled person, whether we talk about a school or an organization. IT is a vast field, and it’s a wrong concept that you must learn to code if you need to be skilled in IT.
Here we are bringing a list of the top 5 Tech careers that don’t require coding skills to get an excellent IT-related job.

IT Business Analyst

An IT business analyst selects the processes and resources required to complete a project. IT business analyst is responsible for assessing current affairs, goods and services, operations, and systems to recommend cost-effective measures.

The significant role is to understand the business landscape and the changing needs of the business. IT business analysts must work closely with multiple teams within the organization.

Data Analysts

A data analyst is a person who enjoys playing around with and analyzing data. Luckily, no coding is required for this specific position just. A person needs to be very analytical, focused, and logical.

The main task is to gather and interpret data to solve a specific problem. Moreover, a data analyst uses logic, statistical techniques, and computer programming to turn numbers into information that helps an organization improve workflow.

QA Engineer

A QA (quality assurance) engineer is responsible for testing the applications. In any department, the QA team has to be Bry analytical, efficient and intelligent. However, there are two categories of QA engineer

1. Manual

2. Automated

Moreover, the QA engineer is in charge of performing various levels of testing after a feature has been created. The QA engineer carries out the testing to identify any potential software issues.

In addition, a QA engineer is a professional who finds and fixes bugs in a product before its launch. Their responsibilities may include reviewing quality specifications and technical design documents to provide meaningful feedback.

Information Architect

An IA focuses on organizing, labeling, and structuring content effectively and sustainably. The person doesn’t require coding expertise to get the job. The main task is to bring together the design and user interface fields.

An information architect creates a sitemap, diagram, or digital blueprint that represents a digital space in a way that is appealing to visitors.

UX And UI Engineer

It is a non-coding technical responsibility that doesn’t require any coding. They are specifically responsible for designing and implementing all the experiences a user faces.

The UX/UI engineer works closely with other marketing designers and teams to ensure successful implementations.

The above positions are at good pay scales and don’t require coding skills. Moreover, these positions are the pillars of any organization; therefore, the pay scales are according to work.

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