Binance And Cristiano Ronaldo Team Up For An Exclusive NFT For An Exclusive NFT Partnership

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NFT utility is in action as the stakeholders of the rarest CR7NFTs recently got the opportunity to have a word with Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo says NFTs are valuable digital assets that are good for now and the future.

Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo and Binance have joined forces in a revolutionary multi-year partnership focused on nonfungible tokens (NFTs). The collaboration aims to specifically introduce NFTs and promote Web3 technology to Ronaldo’s enthusiastic global fan base through the Binance NFT exchange.

Recently, Ronaldo hosted a meet and greet for some CR7 NFT holders online.

Ronaldo’s Interest In NFT Platform Aims To Provide Amazing Experience For Fans

Cristiano Ronaldo has shown his interest and entered into the cryptocurrency world. He has collaborated with Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The partnership will help to boost Web3 and NFT to the football star’s devoted supporters.

Per the contract, Binance and Cristiano will create collections only available on the Binance NFT exchange. The first collection, which includes items created in collaboration with Ronaldo, will go on sale later this year.

Cristiano Ronaldo claims that he is currently, and in the future, exploring a new field called NFTs.

Changing Zhao, the C.E.O. and founder of Binance, acknowledged Cristiano’s soccer successes and pointed out that “he has established himself as an icon in various fields.” In addition, he also said that “he had cultivated one of the most devoted fan bases worldwide through his sincerity, charitable and talent endeavors.”

Ronaldo has shown his fans his interest in NFTs and expressed his readiness to participate in an NFT platform that provides unmatched experiences. Ronald enthusiastically stated, “he is sure his followers will like the collection just as much as he does.”

Crypto And Sports Intersection

This information was released when Coinbase, another well-known cryptocurrency exchange, was preparing to launch a marketing campaign highlighting cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.

A cryptocurrency exchange known for its innovative initiatives, Binance unexpectedly released a batch of behind-the-scenes images to the public that included Ronaldo.

After watching the images, crypto enthusiasts and football fans seem very happy with Ronaldo’s decision. Ronaldo is the perfect pick for Binance to achieve a wider audience. However, the collaboration will also help the Cryptocurrency platform due to its widespread fame and enormous fan base.

The alliance between Binance and Ronaldo symbolizes the growing ties between the cryptocurrency industry and sports. Binance hopes to increase awareness and advance the adoption of cryptocurrencies globally, leveraging Ronaldo’s fame.

Ronaldo’s support for cryptocurrencies as a prominent figure may significantly impact how the public perceives and accepts him.

Ronaldo-Binance Partnership: Potential Impact On Cryptocurrency Market

Indeed the partnership will bring a boost to the Cryptocurrency market. Ronaldo is precisely positioned to influence others by promoting the benefits of cryptocurrencies to many people.

By collaborating with Ronaldo, Nina e can access his global fan base, which consists of football fans and people who admire his charitable and business endeavors.

Ronaldo’s InterestInterest may inspire other prominent figures, such as celebrities, athletes, and influencers, to learn more about and support cryptocurrencies.

How To Buy CR7 NFTs

According to the data from Binance, the initial sales window’s release of S.S.R., S.R.S.R., R, and N-level NFTs was sold out. On November 18, the NFT marketplace auctioned five of the seven S.S.R.s with a starting bid of 10,000 BUSD. However, 40 of the 77 S.R.S.R.s were also placed for auction. With a 1,700 BUSD starting bid. However, the secondary market on Binance’s NFT marketplace is the only location to buy one of these scarce and in-demand NFTs.


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