Bitcoin could hit $10,000 by end of this year

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Bitcoin Blasts Price Rise

Bitcoin was around $2200 back in July when I first started noticing its hike and it is on the rise since then. Although some bans in different countries, especially China, affected its growth for a temporary period but it started rising again and is unstoppable since then.

According to a recent analysis by Goldman Sachs Analysts, Bitcoin might soon see a price jump to $8000 but that’s not all. According to the latest report today, Bitcoin might hit $10,000 before Christmas this year, which is just a month and fifteen days away. The report analyzes how the Bitcoin crossed the 5, 6 and $7,000 mark in the past and suggests the new value based on that pattern. It has already been predicted that Bitcoin might hit $10,000 before the end of this year and the latest report makes the prediction even stronger.

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Bitcoin has already seen a 600% boost in 2017 and if it makes it to $10,000, the boost will increase by several hundred percents. Bitcoin has been in news a lot of times this year for the obvious reasons. It has seen the price hike and drops several times but the graph continued to rise several times. It hit the $6,000 mark at the end of the October and with the delay of just a day, it reached $6,500 and then $7,000 mark.

Bitcoin was also in news for some other reasons as well, like it is being monitored that which country is the biggest Bitcoin market and how the ban in China affected its price. Not to forget how different countries including Malaysia and India considered legalizing it and how a country even thought to make it its official country.

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What do you think about the Bitcoin? Do you think it will actually hit the $10,000 by Christmas? Are you planning to invest in it?

Written by Uzair Khalid
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