This is how you can check Bitcoin price in PKR

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Lately, there has been an interest and curiosity in cryptocurrency especially the Bitcoin (BTH) price in Pakistan. This has happened due to the continuous coverage in international media outlets on the the rising price of cryptocurrencies.

International platforms are available for checking the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptos but the price is usually in dollars. Which means another step of converting that price in PKR. In order to help our readers, we are adding the latest price of the most popular cryptocurrencies on our platform header with additional options to see the price in dollars. For example, Bitcoin’s latest price is PKR 403,343.7.

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The price is sourced from the most credible cryptocurrency platforms in the world. Here is how you can read the header.


  1. BTC stands for Bitcoin
  2. ETH stands for Ethereum (We will cover Ethereum on our platform very soon)
  3. XRP stands for Ripple Coin

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The price with each abbreviation means the current price of that coin along with a percentage change in last 24 hours. You can visit TechJuice anytime 24/7 to check out the prevailing prices of these coins.

Additionally, if you would like to keep a track of more coins, we can include them on our platform as well. You just need to mention them in the comments below.

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