Black Friday Sale: Clicky eats up significant market share in fashion segment

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Clicky, online fashion store, is a new yet very strong entrant in the e-commerce space of Pakistan. Working on a hybrid model which allows them to display assortments as a retail store and marketplace, the shopping website has made its strong footings in the online fashion space of the country.

This sale was their first ever Black Friday experience in which, although, they faced technical and communication issues, but it turned out to be a great day for them. Clicky offered up to 80% discounts on women fashion, and other discounts were offered on shoes, bags, watches and winter items.

Reebok remained the most favorite brand throughout the day; almost 1000 pair of shoes were ordered.

According to the founders of Clicky, Muhammad Khalid and Syed Shahzad, the website received over 5000 orders on the first day and is still counting as the sale continues for the next few days. Reebok remained the most favorite brand throughout the day; almost 1000 pair of shoes were ordered. Women wear was also a hot favorite category on their website.

Clicky received 70,000 visitors throughout the day but went down at peak timing for 3 hours, due to which, the founders believe, they missed out on 3000 potential orders. There were some technical glitches on the orders’ confirmation end and the team is now working to rectify that by reaching out to their subscribers. The average cart size was PKR 1600.


On the delivery and logistics end, since Clicky works on the hybrid model which means that they either maintain the inventories at their warehouse or the inventories are with the brands utilizing the marketplace model on their website.

Clicky received 70,000 visitors and 5000 orders but missed out on 3000 more due to technical glitches.

The inventory managed at Clicky warehouse will be shipped in the next two days. 50% of those orders are expected to be shipped tomorrow and some orders have already been shipped. As far as the marketplace brands are concerned, the orders are expected to be cleared in one weeks time.

Black Friday in Pakistan has turned out to be a great day, especially, for e-commerce stores in the country. With these shopping sales, the user trust is increasing and through numerous partnerships with financial platforms, internet users are spending more online instead of just relying on the popular ‘Cash on Delivery’.

HomeShopping, popular ecommerce store for electronics, also received 200,000 visitors while their website crashed with user-load time and again. According to unofficial sources they received almost 8,000 orders. Whereas, Yayvo claimed to have received 50,000 orders and Daraz, although reluctant in sharing the exact numbers, hinted that the number of orders received in one day of sale was equal to orders in 2 months on their website.

“Our assortments were premium and the best ones in fashion segment”, Clicky Founders.

While the founders mentioned that they exceeded the sales target and claimed that their assortments were premium and the best ones in market, there is a long way for them to go, as the technical glitches and absence of communication can be a huge turn off for their loyal buyers.

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