Bluetooth 5.1 would be able to locate you with centimeters of accuracy

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The Bluetooth technology has just received a new specification update which brings a high level of accuracy in locating the device.

According to an announcement made from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, the upcoming Bluetooth version Bluetooth v5.1 could be used to measure the location of a Bluetooth device with an accuracy of about 10 centimeters. The feature has been made available to the developers starting today. Bluetooth SIG, a non-profit organization that is managing the development of Bluetooth technologies, plans to incorporate this new feature in location approximating as well as in sensing the proximity between two devices.

Bluetooth v5.0, the existing Bluetooth technology being used in the industry, is able to locate the devices within feet of accuracy. Now, with the new feature, the distance has been narrowed down to just about an inches.

The new feature would find its application in large warehousing which Bluetooth based ID tags are used for identification of cartons. In order to keep the supply chain lag time to a minimum, the objects in automated warehouse supply lines need to be tracked with pinpoint accuracy, so that a quick dispatch could be made possible when needed. Different Bluetooth based solutions for finding the lost personal objects will also have their accuracy improved. So the next time you lose your keys with that Bluetooth tag, you will be able to quickly and accurately determine their location.

Image — Chirolo Bluetooth tags by Digital Trends

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