Breaking: Islamic University has been closed after reports of Corona cases on campus

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International Islamic University, Islamabad has been closed after reports of Corona cases on the campus. Students have reported that they reached the campus earlier in the morning only to find that the gates were closed and no one was allowed entry. The university administration later informed about the closure on their university portal.

Given below is the notification from Director Academics IIUI:

During the days of closure, disinfection will be carried out around the campus. With COVID cases on the rise in Pakistan once again and alarm bells ringing in the NCOC, smart lockdowns are being carried out throughout the country in an effort to control cases as much as possible. Quaid-e-Azam University was closed earlier after 5 cases were reported on the campus. It is not known how many cases emerged in IIUI which forced the administration to close down the university.

As per the latest stats, there are around 10K+ active cases in the country and within the last 24 hours, around 773 cases were reported. The positivity trend remains above 2% and it is nearing 3 which shows that the public is not practising social distancing which will lead to further deterioration of the situation.

Around 10 COVID hotspots have been sealed in the capital in the last 24 hours:

  1. St. 46 F-11/3
  2. St. 23 F-11/2
  3. St. 58 I-8/2
  4. St. 57 I-8/3
  5. St. 91 I-8/4
  6. St. 10 Block D Media Town
  7. St. 12 I-10/2
  8. St. 33 G-11/2
  9. St. 30 Pakistan Town Phase 1
  10. St. 35 G-6/2

Wear a mask and keep a sanitizer with you at all times plus ensure social distancing!

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