Scientist behind COVID-19 vaccine says a vaccine for cancer will be available in a few years

The scientist who delivered the first widely used coronavirus vaccine says the technology behind it will soon be used...

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Mar 19 · >

Getting vaccinated no longer a choice as the era of vaccine passports ushers in

Vaccine passports – evidence that you have received vaccination against COVID-19 are all set to become a reality soon....

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Mar 15 · >

The Pfizer vaccine may not work properly on obese people

According to the latest data, the Pfizer vaccine has proven to be less effective in obese people. New research...

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Mar 1 · >

Gilgit Baltistan free of COVID-19 with zero new cases reported

Gilgit’s home secretary claimed on Saturday that the province is officially “free of COVID-19 cases” while sharing the city’s...

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Feb 22 · >

Here’s how you can get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Pakistan

With a fresh batch of vaccines already arrived from China and another 17 million doses of AstraZeneca also scheduled...

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Feb 1 · >

Here’s why COVID-19 mutations shouldn’t scare you

Like most viruses, the coronavirus has shown signs of new mutations since it was first discovered a year ago....

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Dec 22 · >

Coca-Cola donates essentially required ventilators amid second wave surge in Covid-19 cases

Amidst the rapid recent surge in second wave of Covid-19 reported cases in Punjab, The Coca-Cola Export Corporation (TCCEC)...

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Dec 12 · >

NCOC Finalizes Recommendations for Coronavirus Vaccines

Asad Umar, Federal Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives reported that the NCOC has finalized recommendations for the...

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Dec 1 · >

#closeallinstitutions trends on Twitter with more than 21K+ tweets as students demand closure

As PM Imran Khan mentioned today that if the trend of COVID-19 continues, they will be compelled towards a...

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Nov 22 · >

Janssen begins final stage trials of COVID-19 vaccine in UK

The UK will become the first country to start final stage trials of a coronavirus vaccine developed by pharma...

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Nov 17 · >

Multiple NUST departments closed over COVID-19 cases

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, has finally fallen victim to the Corona Virus as multiple departments...

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Nov 9 · >

Breaking: Islamic University has been closed after reports of Corona cases on campus

International Islamic University, Islamabad has been closed after reports of Corona cases on the campus. Students have reported that...

Oct 27 · >