Buy Smarter with Smart Buy; Compare Prices of Smartphones With Ease!

Written by Rizwan Anwer ·  1 min read >

A common issue that I am always perplexed with is having to compare prices of products between different stores, previously I used to use sticky notes in Windows 7 or 8 and write down the product and their prices from each of the famous online shopping stores.

With the help of Smart Buy, An app that has been made by Pakistanis FOR Pakistanis, we can now put those days of comparing prices to rest. The best part? The app will always tell you which site is selling the product you want at the cheapest price and will give you the direct link to order that item from the retailer of your choice within the app.

What is most notable about the app, is how the developer has opted to personally verify and add the prices of each product themselves, we personally verified the prices of 3 phones from their list by cherry picking a few names here and there and we found each price listing on the relevant site linked back by them to be accurate down the very rupee.


One of the phones from our testing, the Lumia 535 is indeed sold at the same prices at the listed vendors for the exact prices, even though the difference between the both vendors was of a single rupee.

The app currently offers a wide selection of cell phone brands and names to browse through and new names are being added every day and actively by the team. So if you are looking to compare the prices of two phones, then you can use the app with ease and find out the prices with convenience.



The only real complaint that we have with the app is that the ads eventually become a major hindrance, an ad will pop-up anytime you open or close a phone or even search. This is indeed quite menacing and we understand that ad revenue is the only way for free apps to generate cash flow but surely the developer can consider increasing the intervals of ad’s in the app.

If you are looking for a solution to your price comparison problem then this is indeed your go-to app! While is another site I use when on desktop, it’s good to know that there is an app I can use when on the move or want to quickly verify the prices of a phone to show to a friend or relative.

Once the developer addresses a few issues such as; over-saturation of ad placement after every menu change, possibly add more shops and add more retailers to the list the way pricematch has done, this can indeed be an app that could be in the spotlight. Till then, keep up the good work UPanels Inc!

If you wish to download the app, you can go Here. (currently the app is only on the Google PlayStore. We will update this post when we get word on more versions.